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  The Soundtrack of the Season!
Jump in and take a ride through more than an hour
of superb sounds to keep you sizzling all summer long...

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Presented and produced
Phil Widdows

First Day Of Summer
by King Courgette
from the album "King Courgette" (2016)

In The Summertime
by Erik Johnson
from the album "In The Summertime" (2009)

A Surfer Courted Me
by Martha Tilston And The Woods
from the album "Ropeswing" (2005)

by Jimmy Lee Morris
from the album "Wilderness Wood" (2016)

It's A Barbecue Day
by Wood, Wire & Words
from the album "It's A Barbecue Day" (2015)

On Holiday In Stornaway
by Ken Nicol
from the album "Thirteen Reasons" (2011)
Beach House
by Bluebird Avenue
from the EP "Bag Of Animals" (2013)

Moonlight And Gold
by Rab Noakes
from the album "I'm Walkin' Here" (2016)

Fly Higher
by Ross Ainslie

from the album "Remembering" (2015)

If You Can't Land Her On The Old Verandah
by Hot Fingers
from the album "Fellside At 40 - The Journey Continues" (2016)

Blackberry Crisp
by Genevieve And The Wild Sundays
from the album "Fine Line" (2016)

Summer Sands
by James Filkins
from the album "Summer Sands And Sleeping Bears" (2012)
"Life's A Beach"
(written by Phil Widdows)

Ground down
Whispered and washed away
High rise hightide
Rock 'n' roll rockpool
Palm pebble populated
King's castle tween tide reign
Gulls and girls
Buoys and boys
Old coves and open bays
Foreign fortnights or breezy bank holidays
Hey! Life's a beach..."

Skimming Stones
by Jacanda
from the album "Skimming Stones" (2009)

Sometimes At Sunset
by Helen Chadwick
from the album "Fragments Of Love" (2015)

Down In The Valley
by Rusty Shackle
from the album "Dusk" (2016)

O For Summer
by Clive Palmer
from the album "All Roads Lead To Land" (2005)

The Longest Day
by Kris Drever
from the album "If Wishes Were Horses" (2016)

Summer Skin
Amy Cook
from the EP "Summer Skin Sampler" (2012)

Corn Jenny
by Talis Kimberley
from the album "Cloth Of Gold" (2016)

Campervan Song
by Jimmy Lee Morris
from the album "Wilderness Wood" (2016)
by Darwin's Daughter
Single Release (2016)
August Leaves
by Carol Laula

from the album "The Bones Of It" (2016)

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