FolkCast Summer Sizzler 2015

The Summer Sizzler from FolkCast
  The Soundtrack of the Season!
Grab your picnic blanket or a folding chair and enjoy more than an hour
of superb sounds to keep you sizzling all summer long

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Presented and produced
Phil Widdows

Summer Is A-Comin' by Merry Hell
from the album "The Ghost In Our House And Other Stories" (2015)
Sun Song by Laura Veirs
from the album "Warp And Weft" (2013)
"A few days by the sea..."
Newsreels, (1950s)
English Seaside Postcards by Paul McGladdery and Gaynor Wilson
Recorded especially for FolkCast (2015)
Picnic by Peter Knight's Gigspanner
from the album "Doors At Eight (Live)" (2011)
Many a long hard-working day
Life brings us! and many an hour of play;
But they never come now together.
Playing at work, and working in play,
As they came to us children among the hay,
In the breath of the warm June weather.
Oft with our little rakes at play,
Making believe at making hay,
With grave and steadfast endeavour;
Caught by an arm, and out of sight
Hurled and hidden, and buried light
In laughter and hay for ever.

by Dora Greenwell
Country Life by Whapweasel
from the album "Festivalis" (2012)
Summerfly by Teresa Doyle and Doug Riley
from the album "Summerfly" (2004)
"Oh boy, Lake Platatuki!"
from 'It's Higgins, Sir!' American Radio Show (1951)
Lake Song by The Decemberists
from the album "What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World" (2014)
Lilac Time by Anne-Marie Sanderson
from the EP "Shadows & Sparks" (2015)
"I've always loved the idea of summer and sun and all things hot..."
from the film "Frozen" (2013)
Wonderful Day by Lee Maddison
from the album "Weightless" (2014)
Underneath A Blue And Cloudess Sky by Seasick Steve
from the album "You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks" (2011)
Sunshine Saturday by David Dee Moore
from the album "The Sun, The Moon, The Stars… and Other Moving Objects" (2013)
The swallow, bonny birdie, comes sharp twittering o’er the sea,
   And gladly is her carol heard for the sunny days to be;
She shares not with us wintry glooms, but yet, no faithless thing,
   She hunts the summer o’er the earth with wearied little wing.

The Swallow by Thomas Aird
Swallows by Abbie Lathe
from the album "Low Summer" (2011)
Summer! Rain!
from British newsreel (1954)
Rain by Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston
from the album "Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston" (2012)
"...atomic bombs, flying saucers or the eclipse!"
British newsreel (1954)
Caught In The Rain by Steve Knightley
from the album "Track Of Words - Retraced" (2009)
The Weather Forecast
from British newsreels (1947)
Weatherman by Stormy Mondays
from the EP "On My Radio" (2010)
Lazybones by Joe Brown (with Sam Brown)
from the album "The Very Best of Joe Brown: 50th Anniversary" (2008)
How Can I Compare Thee? by Skinner And T'witch
from the album "Rise" (2015)
"Thinking of Europe"
from 'Our Miss Brooks' Summer Vacation', American Radio (1955)
Forest Of Summer by Fairytale
from the album "Forest Of Summer" (2015)
Solstice Call by Gaia Consort
from the album "Evolve" (2004)
Wickerman by Damh The Bard
from the album "Sabbat" (2015)
Head Home by Blackmailed & Bereft
single release (2014)

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