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Greetings, and welcome to the FolkCast Halloween Scream for 2014, a special show featuring My Babies...,
an original tale of terror about a folk tradition which, for some, has a gruesome intensity.

So, this is not suitable for those of a nervous disposition, or whose imaginations tend to get the better of them when darkness falls,
the wind howls, and when the veil between the worlds becomes thinnest.

It's not something to play to your babies, either. Not yet. Save it until they are old enough to know that what they imagine and
what is real are not always the same thing. Not ... always.

BUT, if you're willing to take the risk of a shiver or a shock, please - lock all your doors and windows, turn off all distractions,
sit back and be comfortable for the next 20 minutes while I tell you all about
My Babies...


My Babies... is written, presented and produced by Phil Widdows

Intro music taken from: Jack-O-Lantern Waltz by The Similar Trendsfrom the album 'Man In The Moon'
"Earth/Moon Dance Music": The Hangman's Waltz by Daisy Chapman
from the album 'Shameless Winter'
Closing Song: The Pumpkin Song (I Long To Be A Jack-O'-Lantern) by Paul Borgese and the Strawberry Traffic Jam
from the album 'Songs For Halloween'

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