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REWIND  - March 2013



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Rewind dips into the FolkCast music archive to bring you more from artists already introduced in our regular monthly podcasts.

In this debut edition of Rewind we concentrate on songs and tunes from the last 12 months or so. 

FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
Your hosts is Phil Widdows

Kat Gilmore and Jamie Roberts
Gilmore & Roberts

Talis Kimberley
Talis Kimberley

Music featured:

  1. Scarecrow by Gilmore & Roberts

  2. The Bonny Light Horseman by Two Coats Colder

  3. Israel Hands by Roy Mette

  4. Blackbeard's Crew by True Gents

  5. Black Sail by Mulholland & Ward

  6. Barrett's Privateers by Blackbeard's Tea Party

      Barrett's Privateers Explored - songwriter Stan Rogers' website

  7. Lady Moon by Talis Kimberley

  8. Silent Moon by Damh The Bard

  9. Yon Two Crows by Mark Knopfler

  10. Canny Shepherd Boys by Kathryn Tickell

  11. Shaky Town by Chris While & Julie Matthews

  12. My Name Is London Town by Reg Meuross - YouTube Video

  13. Banks Of The Nile by The QP

  14. John Barleycorn by Galley Beggar

  15. Black Beetle Pies by Bellowhead

  16. The Tales They Tell by FolkLaw

  17. The Shot That Killed Three by Ken Nicol

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