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FolkCast is our main regular production - a full CD's worth of music and features. Produced every 2 weeks

Seasonal Specials gather songs about the season - spring, summer, autumn or winter. Also, Christmas and New Year.

Blast is a short show, usually featuring interviews or music that's not quite right for the main monthly show but is well worth hearing.

Rewind is a dip into the archive to play music that may not be new but is definitely good.
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FolkCast 157

Released: 14 January 2019
FolkCast 157
A fresh selection of folkie releases.

Music by: Kitty Macfarlane - Holly D. Johnston - Reed Foehl - Julie Felix - Oran Bargaigh Project - Amy McCarley - Lau - Andy Harding - Jamie Smith's Mabon - David Milton - Julu Irvine & Heg Brignall.

Story Behind The Song: Ann Glanville, presented by Andy Harding (nautical)

FolkCast Selection Box 2018

Released: 16 December 2018
Selection Box 18 logo

The Selection Box 2018: Our latest collection of music, old and new, for Christmas.

Music by: Cara Dillon - Gregory Fish - Folk On - The Christmas Jug Band - Hidden Xmas Deluxe - Jimmy Lee Morris - The Legendary Ten Seconds - Lew Bear - Rebecca Loebe & Findlay Napier - The Andrews Sisters - Norm Adams & Julia Robertson - JD McPherson - Songwriterz - The Gathering Tide - Duke Robillard - The Grizzly Folk - The Staves - Yvonne Lyon - Morecambe & Wise - Rum Ragged - Crofts Family - Jennifer Cutting’s Ocean Orchestra - Kurt Lewis Neufer - Keston Cobblers Club - The Black Dyke Band. Guest appearances by: Garrison Keillor - David Nixon

FolkCast 156

Released: 10 December 2018
FolKCast 156 show logo
Sounds from the Folkosphere, chosen at random and played without prejudice. Anything goes, but it all sounds great!

Music by: Merry Hell - Hickory Signals - Yvonne Lyon - Chantelle Smith - Vision Thing - Hannah Rarity - Assynt - Kinnaris Quintet - Phillip Henry - Richard Thompson - The Watanabes - Trail West - Nic Norton and the County Band

FolkCast 155

Released: 10 November 2018
FolkCast 155 logo
Singer-songwriter (and FolkCast co-founder) Ken Nicol joins Phil in the studio to roll a Randomizer dice, listen to some music and chat about what it's like to be a performer touring the world.

Music by: Marearad And Anna - Gillebride MacMillan - Brian P. Matheny - Linda Mizzi - Braebach - John Mosedale - Skinner & T'witch - Taylor Martin - Bob Gilbert - The Willows
FolkCast 154

Released: 24 October 2018
FolkCast 154
Another randomized dip into the postbag to hear tracks from the latest releases. Featuring guest co-host, the FolkCast Super Computer!

Music by: Willy Porter - Chris Ronald - Andrew Huggan - Linda Em - Terence Blacker - Christine Weir - Trouble at' Mill - James Galvo Parker - Simeon - Son Of William - Siobhan McCrudden - Drop The Floor - Maartin Allcock.
FolkCast 153

Released: 6 October 2018
FolkCast 153 show logo
Folkie Phil returns from his summer break for a new season of shows, and he's got a bulging sack of sensational new music ... probably! The only problem is, he hasn't listened to any of it. What to do? Let the Randomizer sort out the chaos!

Phil grabs a record blind and then spins the wheel of fortune to select which track to play. Will this result in a genius choice of fabulousness ... or a complete mess? Only one way to find out. Press "play" and take a listen. It's an audio adventure!

Music by: Luke Jackson - Chris Green - Amsher - Kelly Oliver - Alan Hull - Rusty Shackle - Imar - Mike Vass - Hamish Napier - Chad Elliott & The Redemptions -  John Smith - Kelly & Woolley - Yves Lambert Trio
FolkCast 152

Released: 16 June 2018
FolkCast 152
FolkCast heads off on its summer break with a show featuring songs about darkness, songs about light, and songs about the meaning of life! Also, news on Gobefest, Manchester's celebration of the folk traditions of Eastern Europe.

Music by: Skerryvore - Apple of My Eye - Larkham And Hall - Raintown Seers - John Forrester - The Rowan Tree - Ken Nicol - Greg Hancock - Andy Harding - Attila & Friends - Szaka Tamas - The Luck - Jon Budworth.
FolkCast 151: The Morning After...

Released: 2 June 2018
FolkCast 151: Download button
Our previous show was 'The Great Folkie Booze Up' ... this is 'The Morning After': full of mellow music for the fragile folkie following a night before of hedonistic excess. Turn on, tune in, chill out for the gentle musical hangover cure that's more effective than a cooked breakfast with double black pudding!

Music by:
Plant & Taylor - Ben Robertson - John Forrester - Luke Jackson - WIlson McGladdery - Conor Adams - Boldwood - Ninebarrow - Ivor Game - Mishaped Pearls - Phil Hare - Fiddle And Faff - Aiden, Patterson & Dashwood - Skerryvore
FolkCast 150: The Great Folkie Booze Up!

Released: 19 May 2018
FolkCast 150 - 19 May 2018
We celebrate our 150th regular show with The Great Folkie Booze Up, a programme full to the brim with music all about the demon drink. So, charge your glasses and say cheers to FolkCast 150!

Music by:
David Stevenson - Mawkin - Simon Nicol & Dave Swarbrick - The Duncan McFarlane Acoustic Band - The Detonators - Elder Charlie Beck - Ian Carmichael - The Lancashire Hotpots - Jenna - Al Stewart - Paul J. Openshaw - Ross Ainslie - The Ragman's Band - Beverley Martyn - Richard Thompson - Nelson's Wake - Jack The Lad - Merry Hell - Dana And Susan Robinson - The Ancient Brettons - Jake Island - John Tams & Barry Coope - Stooshie - Rab Noakes.
FolkCast 149

Released: 5 May 2018
FolkCast 149 - 5 May 2018
A special feature on folk-rock band JACK THE LAD as their 1970s albums receive a CD re-release.

Music by: Ray Cooper - The Salts - She Shanties - Sail Pattern - Talitha Rise - Carys - Sarah McQuaid - We Come From Mars - Gnoss - Hot Tamale - Lindisfarne - Jack The Lad - Phantom Voices - The Fugitives - Kete Bowers

Insanely Mental Instrumentals:
The Month Of May / Dribbles Of Brandy
The Closet Bohran
FolkCast 148

Released: 7 April 2018

We look to the past to mark Shakespeare's birthday, look to the future with songs of tomorrow, and look at the present with news of a new way of turning songs into recordings.

Music by: Phil Cooper - Arcelia - Darwin’s Daughter - Molly-Anne - Thursday’s Child - Ninebarrow - Robert Wheaton - David Hershaw & Sandie Forbes - Mick Shepherd - Bird In The Belly - Roger Pugh - The Albion Band - The Company Of Players - Phil Hare.

Stories Behind The Song:
Out On The Wind, presented by Heather Dunn
Verses On Daniel Good, presented by Jinnwoo
FolkCast 147 - Rewind

Released: 17 March 2018
FolkCast 147
This edition of FolkCast is a Rewind Special. We step back from the constant cascade of brand new releases and take a bite – often a second or third bite – from records that are still new but maybe no longer brand spanking new. The first scuffs are on the sleeve notes. At least one has got an unfortunate coffee ring on the back of the jacket, and a couple of the CDs have got mixed up in each other's cases...

Music by: Stick In the Wheel - Said The Maiden - The Rowan Amber Mill - Ross Ainslie - Plant & Taylor - The Rheingans Sisters - Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer - Nic Norton & The County Band - Minnie Birch - Millbrig - The Mellowship - Luke Jackson - Merry Hell - Findlay Napier - Zoe Mulford - Ange Hardy - Thompson & York - Spiral Dance - Reid Jamieson.
FolkCast Blast 008

Released: 8 March 2018
FolkCast Blast 008

A 12-minute Blast featuring news of an especially special show on the current tour of England by Peter Knight and John Spiers. Steve Henderson tells us about the work of Mr Kite Benefits, an organisation based in Lancashire, England, which has raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity over the last 20 years by staging live folk music.

Music by: Peter Knight & John Spiers

FolkCast 146

Released: 3 March 2018
FolkCast 146

We meet a big man with a big hammer and we get bare naked. We stir the Alphabetti Folketti pan, visit Ireland for an audio controversy, and say balls to a tortoise.

Music by: Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman - Joey Costello - Adam James Sorensen - Merry Hell - Gem Andrews - Dan Cunningham - Trail West - John Renbourne - Ralph McTell - Fairport Convention - Jason Whelan - Caroline Kean & Tom Delany - Inni-K - 4Square

Story Behind The Song: John Henry's Ghost, presented by 'Mountainman' Dan Cunningham

Alphabetti Folketti: G is for Guitar

FolkCast 145

Released: 17 February 2018
FolkCast 145 - 17 February 2018

A brand new regular feature for you - Alphabetti Folketti - in which I’ll be getting out my big pan of spaghetti letters in tomato sauce, giving it a stir, and seeing which letter floats to the surface. Yes, it’s a pasta-based random letter generator which will develop into a folkie lexicon, an A-to-Z on toast of all things related to our kind of music. Which letter will the spaghetti pan produce?

Music by: The Mellowship - Andy Comley - Clint Slate - Amelia Jocelyn - Moonrakers - Wilson McGladery - Greta Van Fleet - Richard Thompson - Ken Nicol - Spirogyra - Ivor Game - Joshu.

Story Behind The Song: Ae Fond Kiss, presented by Amelia Jocelyn

Alphabetti Folketti: S is for Spirogyra

FolkCast 144

Releaased: 3 February 2018
FolkCast 144

We have a handful of Willies - steady now! - that’s three songs or tunes about blokes called Bill. There’s a couple of Stories Behind a couple of Songs, and we settle that age-old question: who is best, men or women?

Music by: Luke Jackson - Zoe Mulford - Hot Rock Pilgrims - Peter Knight’s Gigspanner - The Spooky Men’s Chorale - She Shanties - String Sisters - Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys - The Foxglove Trio - Heather Downie - Said The Maiden - Johnny Flynn - Sarah McQuaid - The Fonsecas.

Story Behind My Song:
William, presented by Ffion Mair
My Sweet Whiskey, presented by Michael Rochon

Interview Special - Damh The Bard

Released: 27 January 2018
Interview Special - Damh The Bard 2018
Pagan singer-songwriter Damh The Bard (aka Dave The Bard, aka Dave Smith) has launched a career-defining musical project - a telling of the ancient story cycle called Y Mabinogi, based on the traditional bardic tales contained in the earliest native British writings, The Mabinogion. It’s a very impressive and ambitious concept, and Dave tells us all about the story, and what has prompted him to retell it for a modern audience. Along the way we discuss national identity, mistletoe, ravens, sacred horses and whether the UK’s most prominent pagan performer can break into the mainstream folk music scene.
FolkCast 143

Released: 20 January 2018
FolkCast 143 - 20 january 2018
Who gives a fox for folk? We do! FolkCast puts out the call for your favourite live performers, the ones who not only play great music but also put on a good show, the ones who go the extra yard, the ones who tell stories, share a joke, and actually engage with the paying punters. Get in touch by email and tell the world about your favourites.

Music by: Stick In The Wheel - Sandtimer - Sarah McQuaid - Spiral Dance - Talitha Rise - Red Shoes - Methera - Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer - Luke Jackson - Show Of Hands - Purcell’s Polyphonic Party - Nic Norton & The County Band.

Story Behind My Song:
Bloodfox, presented by Talitha Rise
FolkCast 142

Released: 6 January 2018
FolkCast 142
Welcome to the start of a Happy New Year of the latest and greatest from the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music.

Music by: Damien O’Kane - Skipinnish - Zoe Mulford - Amelia Jocelyn - Peatbog Faeries - Maeve Mackinnon - The Transports - Ben Robertson - Helen Dorothy - Greg Hancock - Honeyfeet - Jackie Oates - The Naked King - Minnie Birch - Spoil The Dance

Story Behind The Song:
Song O'The Clyde, presented by Amelia Jocelyn
Fremington Beach, presented by Greg Hancock
FolkCast 2017 Selection Box

Released: 16 December 2017
2017 Selection Box
A marvellously magical mix of music for a merry Christmas and a cool Yule!

Music by: Kludo White - Beta Radio - Milton Hide - Maxwell, Miranda, Parsley - Julia P - Daniel Nestlerode - Daria Kulesh - Rebecca Hosking - Davidson/MacFarlane - Skinner & T'witch - The Citizen (aka Ken O’Duffy) - Jimmy Lee Morris - Canny Fettle - GreenMatthews - Neil Thomson and Gerry Cambridge - Rich Krueger - Sleeping At Last - Robert Land and Emily Ewing - Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll - The Stoned Cherries - Devils Water - KIVA - Andrews Massey Duo
FolkCast 141

Released: 2 December 2017
FolkCast 141
An unofficial theme of Sisterhood develops throughout the show. Folkie sisters are doing it for themselves! And the brothers join in the fun, too.

Music by: Ross Ainsley - Fish Out Of Water - The Warp/The Weft - Said The Maiden - Ange Hardy - Peter Knight’s Gigspanner - Thomson & York - Daria Kulesh - Karine Palwart - Martin Carthy - Five Hand Reel - Shelagh McDonald - Greg Hancock - The Wailin’ Jennys - The Foxglove Trio

Story Behind The Song:
Tinkerborough, presented by Cheryl York
Joni Mitchell's Guitar, presented by Greg Hancock
Branwen, presented by Ffion Mair
FolkCast 140: 2017 Rewind Special

Released: 18 Nov 2017
FolkCast 140
A 2017 retrospective: more music from releases we've featured this year.

Music by: The Rachel Hamer Band - Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer - Neil McSweeney - Old Blind Dogs - Chris Tye - The Roving Crows - Keston Cobblers Club - The Hut People - Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll - Roxanne de Bastion - Sam Airey - Steamchicken - The Twisted Twenty - Jimmy Lee Morris - Devils Water - Auld Hat New Heids - Findlay Napier and the Glasgow Song Guild - The Deadly Winters.

Story Behind The Song:
No Sing, presented by Chris Tye
Run, presented by Roxanne de Bastion

Insanely Mental Instrumental: Dis Found Harmonium
FolkCast 139

Released: 04 Nov 2017
FolkCast 139
A whale of a show! We meet a British naval hero who wasn’t Lord Nelson; hear topical songs about tragedies averted; and play songs that put the “FUN” into funeral. We get Insanely Mental with an Underground Instrumental, and we find out what happens when you mix bluegrass with thrash metal to create a folkie Frankenstein’s monster! All that, and Stories Behind two Songs recorded just for us by the people who wrote them.

Music by: Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys - John Dory - Laura Smyth & Ted Kemp - Moonrakers - Rosie Hood - The Young ‘Uns - Assembly Lane - The Native Howl - The Stoned Cherries - Mark T. - Emma Langford - The Legendary Ten Seconds - Leatherat - Peter Fergus McClelland

Story Behind The Song:
The Singer, presented by Jon Bennett
The Dublin King, presented by Ian Churchward

Insanely Mental Instrumental: Mind The Gap

Released: 28 Oct 2017
FolkCast Blast 007

A short sharp blast of new singles and releases that wouldn't fit into our regular show.

Music by: Music by: Tara Velarde - Edan Laniado - Circumnavigate - Skinner & T’Witch

FolkCast 138

Released: 21 Oct 2017
FolkCast 138 - 21Oct17
We make a return trip to Glasgow, we’ve a trio of Hallowe'en treats, we have three guests dropping by to tell us the Stories Behind Their Songs, and we take a squint at interesting and topical new recordings from the USA.

Music by: Dan Walsh & Alistair Anderson - Dusty Cut - Jupiter Owls - Alan Reid & Rob van Sante - Findlay Napier - Ashton Lane - Blue Rose Code - Lucy Kitchen - Kirsty Merryn - Jim Page - Hot Tamale - Lane Norberg - Christine Weir - The Stoned Cherries - Skinner And T’Witch.

Story Behind My Song:
The Dear Green Place, presented by Alan Reid
Young Goths In The Necropolis, presented by Findlay Napier
Landlord, presented by Jim Page
FolkCast 137

Released: 07 Oct 2017
FolKCast 137 - 07Oct17

Brand new scrumpings from the FolkCast orchard which is groaning under the weight of this season’s fruity folk, ripe folk-rock, scrumptious singer-songwriter and rather tasty roots type music. We sing songs of trees, of gallows trees, of pirates and highwaymen.

Music by:  Bob Hillary & The Massive Mellow - Marek Dusil Blend - Banter - Magpie Lane - Richard Thompson - Peter Knight’s Gigspanner - Trouble At Mill - Pilgrim’s Way - Skullthuggery - Ken Nicol - Blackthorn Band - James Parkin - Hope In High Water - Red Shoes - The Foxglove Trio

Story Behind My Song:
Treachery At The Blue Anchor, presented by Graham Dixon
Lullabye, presented by James Parkin

Insanely Mental Instrumental: The First Straw
FolkCast 136

Released: 23 Sept 2017
FolkCast 136
Help yourself to another collection of tangy and tasty choice pickings from the musical buffet that we call 'folk'.

Music by: The Deadly Winters (x2) - Greg Hancock - Neil Brophy - Merry Hell - Findlay Napier - Andy Harding - Alan Reid and Rob van Sante - New Celeste - Frigg - Skippinish - Thursday’s Child - Alison & Jack - Dougal’s Jumper - The Young ‘Uns.

Story Behind My Song:
Little Piece Of Tin, presented by Andy Harding
Love & Freedom, presented by Iain Fergus
Joyce, presented by Ken Punshon

Insanely Mental Instrumental: Friggin' Polska
FolkCast 135

Released: 2 Sept 2017

FolkCast 135 - 2nd September 2017
A focus on new singles from singer-songwriters and indie-folk bands, plus chamber folk, dance instrumentals and trad. songs.

Music by: Mancunia - Elijah James And The Nightmares - Gallery 47 - Speak, Brother - Richard Sutton - Michael James & The Bedheads - Jay Ebby East - Joe Broughton’s Conservatoire Folk Ensemble - The Twisted Twenty - The Routes Quartet - Magpie Lane - Will Pound - Karin Grandal-Park and Karl Robbins - Banter - Georgia Lewis.

Story Behind My Song: Girls Like You presented by Michael James

FolkCast 134

Released: 19 August 2017
FolkCast 134 show
The newest song and the oldest song, long songs and short songs, tribute songs and angry songs, songs of summer and songs of season's end. And a tune with a daft title. All folkie life is here!

Music by: Siobhan Miller - Nigel Brown - Elephant Sessions - David Hershaw & Sandie Forbes - Ian Bland - Bert Jansch - Pairdown - Apples … I’m Home - Nescora - Ryan Young - Hadrian’s Union - Simon Scardinelli - Yodel Song - Vision Thing.

Insanely Mental Instrumental: The Back Of The Change House / The Nine Pint Coggie / John Of Badenyon / Och Is Duine Truagh Mi (Strathspey and Reels)

Story behind My Song: Alice presented by Stew Simpson

FolkCast 133

Released: 5 August 2017
FolkCast 133 - August 4th 2017 Songs of protest, songs of the outsider and the isolated, songs to stir the spirit and songs of unity.

Music by: Nancy Kerr (x2) - The Roving Crows - Reg Meuross - Hadrian’s Union - Auld Hats New Heids - Devils Water - Georgia Lewis - Solasta - Daniel Nestlerode - Mondegreen - Merry Hell - Christine Weir - Shake The Chains.

Insanely Mental Instrumental: The 5-8 Set

Story Behind My Song: Wandering Winnie presented by Stew Simpson

FolkCast 132 - July 2017

Released: 15 July 2017
FolkCast 132 - July 15th 2017 A ton of great new sounds from the Folkosphere to share with you, plus there’s nudity... with a steampunk morris dancer, there’s sex... with a cuckoo, and there’s an Insanely Mental Instrumental that will drive Homer Simpson crazy, and there are a trio of new songs inspired by classics.

Music by: Offa Rex (x2) - Steeleye Span - Richad Sutton - Nigel Brown - Thomas John - John Shepherd - Ben Robertson - Bob Dylan - Ian Bland - Pons Aelius - Bella Gaffney - Ashley Hutchings Morris On Band - TradArrr - Hadrian's Union - Eddie Berman - Lostboy

Insanely Mental Instrumental: Oh My Doughnuts

Stories Behind The Songs: The Maid Of Llanwellyn presented by Andrew Weighill-Richards, and Body To Body presented by Stew Simpson

FolkCast 131 - July 2017

Released: 1 July 2017
FolkCast 131 - July 1st 2017 We run away with the gypsies, we ask “who da man?”, we have slip jigs, reels and Slip Jigs And Reels. We’ll stop to smell the roses, we go crazy with goblins and people drop by to tell us the stories behind their songs.

Music by: Greg Russell (x2) - Mike West - Ed Lofstedt - Them Old Bones - Steamchicken - Alison & Jack - Carol Laula - Tori Tango - The Young ‘Uns - Vision Thing - Alan & The Big Hand - Allan Yn Y Fan - Steve Tilston - Cormac Begley - Joanne Rand - Damh The Bard

Insanely Mental Instrumental: Accordion To The Goblins!
FolkCast 130 - June 2017

Released: 17 June 2017
FolkCast 130 - June 2017

The latest sounds from the Folkosphere, plus a tribute to Vin Garbutt. Music by: Vin Garbutt - Vair - Pog - Jimmy Lee Morris - Alex Seel - The Drystones - Rosie Hood - Joe Broughton’s Conservatoire Folk Ensemble - Jason McNiff - Hope In High Water - Gian Luca & The Oak - Whyte - Jo Carley And The Old Dry Skulls.

Insanely Mental Instrumental: Pimentons Torrats amb Oli i Sal
FolkCast 129 - Remind Rewind

Released: 3 June 2017
Take a spin back down the years to catch up with artists featured in June podcasts past. We hear new music from old favourites, plus brand new music from new friends with the latest releases.

Music by: John Meed - Daniel Patrick Quinn - Steamchicken - The Demon Barbers - Steeleye Span - Green Diesel - Nigel Brown - Jack Harris - Ninebarrow - Sandy Kilpatrick & The Origins Band - Jenny Sturgeon - An Dha - Ryan Fox - Mosquito Cabaret - Solana - Jamie Francis.

Insanely Mental Instrumental: Silence Of The Chickens
FolkCast 128 - May 2017

Released: 20 May 2017
FolkCast 128 On this edition of FolkCast we’ve got a hold full of songs about the sea! There are songs about racing on the sea, fishing on the sea and coming home from the sea. We’ve mariners, pirates, whalers and lost sailers. We’ve got boats and tides and ships and sails. That’s right, FolkCasters ... it’s a naughty nautical special!

Music by: Skippinish - Nick Burbridge & Tim Cotterell - Thursday’s Band - Six Sick Sheep - The Changing Room - Fairport Convention - The Ancient Bretons - Chris Manasseh - Kadia - Akervinda - The Ballina Whalers - The Black Guards - Colin Onderdonk  - Elephant Sessions - MagicHour - Merry Hell.

Soundbite Spotlight: La-la-la Session, London

Insanely Mental Instrumental: Doofer
FolkCast 127 - May 2017

Released: 6 May 2017
FolkCast 127
We sing a couple of songs of the merry, merry month of May, we go to Gracelands, we wonder where the time has gone, we visit the court house to hear our brother speak, before not visiting Denver. Then we get wild in the country. It could be England, it could Ireland, it could be Wales ... or it could be Transylvania!

We go on a bug hunt with a flying Yeti and hear an Insanely Mental Instrumental with a mammoth title. There’s a song by a Victorian postman, and there’s a song about a Victorian miner. And then we break it all down and pack it all away with the final journey of a 1969 split screen camper van.

Music by: Jack Sharp - The Unthanks - Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer - Emily Maguire - Speak, Brother - Joe Martin - Police Dog Hogan - Pairdown - Fly Yeti Fly - Alistair Anderson & Northlands - Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll - Canny Fettle - India Electric Co - Jimmy Lee Morris.

Insanely Mental Instrumental: Iain Macphail's Compliments To Chrissie Leatham / Cooper Of Stannerton Heugh / One-Horned Sheep
FolkCast 126 - April 2017

Released: 22 April 2017
FolkCast 126.  Click to play In this edition: we build a railway, lose a lover or two to war, head to the hills, spend the night with drunken sailors, take a bite out of the Big Apple, rant against the modern world, go insane with a tinker, take the last train to Delhi and get lost in France before the whole thing ends in a Fiasco!

Music by: Two Coats Colder - Siobhan Miller - Skinner & T’Witch - Chris Tye - Jason McNiff - Neil McSweeney - The Roving Crows - Megson - Cormac Begley - Feast Of Fiddles - Amelia Coburn - Paul J. Openshaw - The Medlars - Minnie Birch - Manran.

Insanely Mental Instrumental(s): The Yellow Tinker and An Cat Is A Mathair
FolkCast 125 - April 2017

Released: 8 April 2017
FolkCast 125

Featuring songs about ... hypnotism ... a mermaid ... a Geordie from outer space ... an alewife ... two sisters who stitch up a dirty old lord ... a witch with a secret ... and the secret of a happy life.

Music by: Meet George Brown - Fly Yeti Fly - Katy Vernon - Jim Palanar - Kathryn Tickell & Friends - Eddie & Luc - Hicks And Goulbourn - The Blackheart Orchestra - Keston Cobblers Club - Ross Couper & Tom Oakes - John Roberts & Debra Cowan - Elfin Bow - Police Dog Hogan.

Insanely Mental Instrumental: Sunburn, Man-Flu And The Shits
FolkCast 124 - March 2017

Released: 25 March 2017
FolkCast 124 Beware! Giant squid attack!

Music by: Apple Of My Eye - Two’s Company - Amy Duncan - The Trials Of Cato - Kaela Rowan - Kadia - The Broken String Band - Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith - The Hut People - Feast Of Fiddles - The Carrivick Sisters - Daria Kulesh - Andrew Gordon - Dipper Malkin

Story Behind My Song: Griogal Chridhe
Insanely Mental Instrumental: The Whitby Drip
FolkCast 123 - March 2017

Released: 9 March 2017
FolkCast 123 - March 2017 We're back, baby! The start of a new season and we reveal plans for future FolkCasts as the show doubles production with new shows on the first and third weekend of every month.

Music by: Steve Dagleish - Captain Of The Lost Waves - Steeleye Span - Chris Manasseh - Alex Cumming & Nicola Beazley - Andy Harding - Stew Simpson - Triangle - Mountain Oyster Band - Mike Hawkins - Fairport Convention - Old Blind Dogs - Martin Carthy - Ewan Macpherson - Ian Roland - Geoff Lakeman - Home Service

Story Behind My Song: Mines Of The Tamar (mining)
Soundbite: Rhyl Folk Club
Insanely Mental Instrumental: Holding The Whippet
Festive Selection Box 2016

Released December 19th 2016
Festive Selection Box 2016

Music, poetry and fun for a very merry Christmas and a blessed Yule!

MUSIC BY: Kate Rusby - Sam Bush - Cara Dillon - Skinner And T'Witch - Eddie & Luc - Greg Trafidlo - Hicks & Goulbourn - Jethro Tull - Wood, Wire & Words - Ken Nicol - Eddy Mann - The Changing Room - The Houghton Weavers - Andrews Massey Duo - Pilgrim's Way - The Magnets - Neil Diamond - Simon Mayor & Hilary James - Telynor - Ange Hardy - Ellen And The Escapades - Johnnyswim - Joshua Burnell

POETRY AND FUN BY: Johnny Cash - Jim Thielen - Judge Reinhold and Eric Lloyd - John Betjeman, read by Robert Donat - Bill Murray - Dollie Radford - The Muppets - Gracie Burns and Peter Brocco - Bing Crosby and David Bowie - Julie Andrews and Peter Ustinov.
Winter Storm 2016

Released December 1st 2016
Click to play show. Right-click to download show. A celebration and contemplation for the darkest season, in music and verse.

Music by: Heg & The Wolf Chorus - Gordon Tyrrall - Pete Shirley - Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate - Jack The Lad - The Bills - K.P. Devlin - Peter Mayer - Pilgrim - Skippinish - Paul Davy - Krista Detor - Ida Wenĝe - Maddy Prior - Richard Trethewey - Gren Bartley - Lady Maisery - Mary McPartlan - Broom Bezzums - Hannah James - Kingfisher Blue

Readings by: Robert Bridges - Gavin Douglas, read by John Laurie - Phil Widdows
FolkCast 122 - November 2016 FolkCast 122 This month we sadly bid a fond, final "Fare Thee Well" to Babba, the FolkCast historian, who has died aged 60.

Music by: The Changing Room - Merry Hell - Heg & The Wolf Chorus - Steeleye Span - John Kirkpatrick - Roger Wilson - Ewan McLennan & Geoge Monbiot - Luke Jackson - George Boomsma - Trevor Clawson - Enter The Haggis - Fairport Convention.

Soundbite: Stanley Halls Folk Club
Autumn Crackler 2016

Released September 1st 2016
Crackler 16 logo Welcome to FolkCast’s Autumn Crackler for 2016. In just under 80 minutes we’ll follow the harvest, collect wild mushrooms and visit the standing stones. We’ll celebrate All Hallow’s Eve and Bonfire Night, and join Thanksgiving. So come on, bring a basket and we’ll gather the season’s bounty in song!

Music by: Spiral Dance - Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts - Eliza Carthy, Martin Carthy & Paul Weller - Dave Pegg & PJ Wright - Locomotive Ghost - Radim Zenkl - Mind Of Max - Scott McWatt - Michael Chapman - Magna Carta - Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman - Ninebarrow - Sharron Kraus & Friends - Show Of Hands - The Story - Christopher Cross - Giggetty - The Gathering Tide - Katy Rose Bennett - Kristina Olsen

Readings from: "The Golden Bough" by Sir James Frazer - “Mushrooms” by Margaret Atwood - "All Hallow's Eve" by Erin Morgenstern - “The Origin And Customs Of Guy Fawkes' Day” from The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Gunpowder Plot.
FolkCast 121 - August 2016 FolkCast 120 logo Attention class! We're going on a world trip, taking in England, Scotland, Ireland, America, Australia, Spain and Germany. All aboard the FolkCast executive jet ... and don't forget to bring a packed lunch (hic!).

Music by: Merry Hell - Broom Bezzums - The Gathering Tide - Nigel Brown - Jake Thomas Turnbull - Kaela Rowan - Ross & Ali - Dana & Susan Robinson - Hannah James - Na-MaRa - Hugh Doolan - New Road - Kieran Towers & Charlotte Carrivick - The Changing Room

Story Behind The Song: The Silver Duro (Basque Child Refugees - Spanish Civil War)
FolkCast 120 - July 2016 FolkCast 120 - July 2016 Out of the tangled mess of politics and world events we present an entertaining mix of music and chat. There's a focus on 'folk concept albums' and 'folk-influenced projects'. We hear from Ken Nicol about his new 'super group'.We dance with the Devil. And we meet 'the King of the 'Draulicers' in his mansion on the crag.

Music by: Danielle French - Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer - David J Kelly - Ian Roland and Simon Yapp - Kaela Rowan - Joshua Burnell - Pagan Harvest - The Georgia Shackleton Trio - The Amazing Devil - Harp And A Monkey - Ailm - The Bookshop Band - Richard Thompson

Story behind The Song: Up On Cragside (William Armstrong - Cragside - Hydro-electricity - Arms - War)
FolkCast 119 - June 2016 FolkCast 119 The Story Behind The Song turns 100 with the remarkable tale of "the man they couldn't hang', who inspired an entire album by Fairport Convention. But what happened to John "Babbacombe" Lee after he escaped from the hangman's noose? Also in this edition we chat to multi-talented musician Ken Nicol, and hear about how he has become a "guitar-slinger for hire", helping to rescue two bands' touring plans. Plus the usual diet of great new music!

Music by: King Courgette - Solarference - India McKellar - Dave Swarbrick and Simon Nicol - James J Turner - Ken Nicol - Jenny Sturgeon - Andrew John & Lissa - Hot Tamale - Fairport Convention - Blair Dunlop - Alma

Story Behind The Song: Hanging Song (murder - execution - John "Babbacombe" Lee)
FolkCast Summer Sizzler 2016

Released June 1st 2016
FolkCast Summer Sizzler 2016 Jump in and take a ride through more than an hour of superb sounds to keep you sizzling all summer long...

Music by: King Courgette - Erik Johnson - Martha Tilston And The Woods - Jimmy Lee Morris - Wood, Wire & Words - Ken Nicol - Bluebird Avenue - Rab Noakes - Ross Ainslie - Hot Fingers - Genevieve And The Wild Sundays - James Filkins - Jacanda - Helen Chadwick - Rusty Shackle - Clive Palmer - Kris Drever - Amy Cook - Talis Kimberley -  Darwin's Daughter - Carol Laula.

"You know it's summer when ... the FolkCast Summer Sizzler hits your podcatcher!"
FolkCast 118 - May 2016 FolkCast 118 - May 2016 Get down (Shep!) with a selection of the latest folkie sounds, plus an Eastern European excursion for some brilliant new releases.

Music by: Nuala Kennedy - Rusty Shackle - Jon Boden - Genevieve And The Wild Sundays - Steve Pledger - Adam Beattie - David Ian Roberts - Long Lankin - Our Little Nell - Gillian Frame - Tuulikki Barosik - Paul Chamberlain and Michael Haywood - St Nicholas Orchestra - Megson.

Story Behind The Song - Tolpuddle Man (Unions / Industrial Revolution)
FolkCast 117 - April 2016 FolkCast 117 - April 2016 We Rewind to take a second bite from some recent releases, and then Fast-Forward for a brand new FolkCast Premiere!

Music by: Bob Fox and Stu Luckley - Nigel Brown - Mark Gamon - Scott Wood Band - Scott Krokoff - Robin Elliott - Braebach - Diamh - Gren Bartley - Beggar’s Bridge - Chumbawamba - Farrell Family - Phil Hare - Paul Davy - Talis Kimberley.

The Story Behind The Song: The Victory Of General Ludd - violent unrest from the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.
FolkCast 116 - March 2016 FolkCast 116 - March 2016 All new music, with a focus on instrumental music. Plus a Story Behind The Song that is astronomical, geographical and historical!

Music by: Rusty Shackle - Kitty Macfarlane - 4Square - Chris Flegg - Out Of The Box - Will Pound & Eddy Jay - Graffiti - Pilgrims’ Way - The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc - Ninebarrow - Mark Knopfler (with James Taylor) - Jimmy Lee Morris - Eamon Friel - Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar - Hamish Napier & Findlay Napier - Mary McPartlan.

The Story Behind The Song: Sailing To Philadelphia - the story of the drawing of the Mason-Dixon Line.
FolkCast March Into May - Spring 2016
Released March 10th 2016
March Into May 2016 - Spring Special

FolkCast's fourth annual celebration of Spring. Featuring music by: Arthur Askey - Spoil The Dance - Coope Boyes & Simpson - Kellianna - Mark Owen Music - Mike Reinstein - Green Genes - The Knights Of Mentis - John Kirkpatrick - Show Of Hands - Andy Cutting, Nancy Kerr & Martin Simpson - Sarah McQuaid - Kenny Rankin - Christof - Mike O’Connor - The Changing Room - Lisa Knapp - Jackie Oates - Becky Mills - Faustus - Hilary James & Simon Mayor - Fabian Holland - Charlie Chaplin Poetry by: Margaret Buckle - Anon.

FolkCast 115 - February 2016 FolkCast 115 - February 2016

All aboard the FolkCast Express, calling at Womanchester, Lonely Town, Duopolis and Band City with added excursions on a whaling ship, a catamaran and the ferry to Babba's Island!

Music from James Fagan And Jamie McClennan - Roseanna Ball - She Shanties - Mikhail Birch - Simon Scardanelli - Theo Bard - Ben River - Salty Paws - Mairearad And Anna - Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston - The Red Dirt Skinners - Niteworkds - Jez Hallard & The Djukella Orchestra - Richard Thompson - Dave Goulder - and Joe Tilston.

The Story Behind The Song: Sam Jones - the story of the battlefield scavengers, the rag-and-bone men.
FolkCast Selection Box 2015

Released December 15th 2016
FolkCast Selection Box 2015 Take a trip to Babba's Island, somewhere off the south coast of England, and discover how Folkie Phil and Babba get several sack-loads of music and readings all about Christmas, to good little FolkCasters all over the world ... in just one night!

Music by: Reid Jamieson - Christy Moore - Homer & Jethro - Terence Blacker - Whapweasel - Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer - Rue Royale - Thea Gilmore - Phil Cunningham's Christmas Songbook - Lorrie Newman Keating - Mike Reinstein and the Christmas Daysies - The Voice Squad - Under A Banner - 100 Mile House - River Whyless - Catt Kingsgrave - The Last Bison - Abney Park - Angelo Branduardi - Kirsty Almeida - Marina Florence - Commoners Choir - Skinner & T'witch - Ange Hardy - Danny Carnahan and Robin Petrie

Readings from and by: Phil & Babba - Jacqueline Simpson and Steve Roud - Agatha Christie - Hugh Fraser
FolkCast 114 - December 2015 FolkCast 114 - click to play. Music by: Firkin - Show Of Hands - Sara - Skipinnish - Andy Harding - Hannah In The Wars - Great Western Tears - Lew Bear - Gilmore & Roberts - The Occasional Orchestra -
Josh Gray - Owen Gerrard - Wilson McGladdery - The Black Feathers

The Story Behind The Song: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town / Here Comes Santa Claus (the true story of the NORAD Santa Tracker)
FolkCast Winter Storm 2015

Released November 27th 2015
Winter Storm 2015 Music and readings for the darkest months

Music: Spiral Dance - Jay Woodward - Maz O'Connor - Battlefield Band - Luke Jackson - Iain Morrison - Kris Drever, John McCusker, Roddy Woomble - NE3Folk - Jackie Leven - Magna Carta - Jethro Tull - Mike Reinstein and The Christmas Daysies - Heed The Thunder - Damh The Bard - Waterson-Carthy - Winter Mountain - Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin - Adam Dale - Thedra - Martyn Wyndham-Read - Alex Cambridge - Steve Folk (aka Blabbermouth) - John Butler Trio

Spoken Word: Various meteorologists - Edgar Fawcett - Ralph Waldo Emerson - Lauren Raine - The Simpsons
FolkCast 113 - November 2015 FolkCast 113 A cornucopia of good things, a harvest festival of great music!

Music by: Damien O'Kane - Daimh - Salt & Sky - Ange Hardy - Root and Branch - Fay Hield & The Hurricane Party - Rab Noakes - Paul Davy - Track Dogs - The Deadly Winters - Nelson's Wake - Blackbeard's Tea Party - Phil Hare - Gilmour & Roberts

The Story Behind The Song: St Crispin’s Day (Agincourt, Henry V, plot)
FolkCast 112 - October 2015 FolkCast 112 - October 2015 FolkCast's Ken Nicol pays tribute to one of his greatest guitar influences: John Renbourn. Plus the pick of the latest releases, and Story Behind The Song delves into a legend that has been 700 years in the making!

Music by: Boreas - Andy Harding - Beggar's Bridge - Scott Wood Band - Wood, Wire & Words - Ken Nicol - Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin - NE3Folk - Nigel Brown - Union Jill - Celandine - Lucy Ward

Story Behind The Song: Dunwich Bells (Storm - legend)
FolkCast Autumn Crackler 2015

Released September 1st 2015
Autumn Crackler 2015 As Summer fades, enjoy the wonders of Autumn with the Crackler!

Music by: Don Amero - Paul Green - Geraldo & His Orchestra - Spoil The Dance - Talis Kimberley - The Albion Dance Band - Ashley Hutchings & Ken Nicol -Oysterband with Steve Knightley and June Tabor - Little Miss Higgins - The Riverside - Dick Gaughan - Gill Sandell & Chris T-T - March To May - Tudor Lodge - Phil Beer - Clype (featuring Jenny Sturgeon) - Jackson C. Frank - Gilmore & Roberts - Beautiful Junkyards - Luke Daniels & John Dipper - Blanche Rowan & Mike Gulston - Sandy Denny - Na-Mara

Readings & Verse: Edgar Albert Guest - Dahm The Bard - David Drever - Ron Hynes - Michael Crummey
FolkCast 111 - August 2015 FolkCast 111 What does the term "singer-songwriter" mean to you?

Music by: Kelly Oliver - Ross Ainslie - Eleven Magpies - Breda Mayock - Liability -  Na-Mara - Mark Gamon - Emily Barker - The Jamie Freeman Agreement - James Leclaire & The Cable 22's - Paul Doffing - KC Barber - The Changing Room - Captain Morgan's Rum Do

Story Behind The Song: Wreckers (shipwrecks - smuggling - smugglers)
FolkCast 110 - July 2015

This month we REWIND to bring you more music from some of the albums released over the last 12 months and more.

Music by: TradArrr - Ange Hardy - Reg Meuross - Heg & The Wolf Chorus - Barrule - Skinner & T'witch - Buffo's Wake - The Demon Barbers - The Urban Folk Quartet - Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar - Fabian Holland - KC Barber - Jane Thomason - James Delarre and Saul Rose - Pete Coe and Alice Jones - The Sea Kings - The Mather Robinson Band

Story Behind The Song: The Bold Princess Royal (pirates - ships)
FolkCast 109 - June 2015 FolkCast 109 New releases from the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music, plus a couple of previews and a classic track, too!

Music by: The Mather-Robinson Band - Skerryvore - The Urban Folk Quartet - Ken Nicol - Eric Peter Schwartz - Maple Bee - Sandy Kilpatrick - The Dovetail Trio - The Sea Kings - Seafoxes - Riotous Assembly - Martin & Eliza Carthy - Little Johnny England - Hot Tamale

Story Behind The Song: The Grand Conversation On Napoleon (politics)
Summer Sizzler 2015

Released June 2nd 2015
Summer Sizzler 2015 A picnic basket stuffed with treats for the season of sun, wasps, downpours and the harvest.

Music by: Merry Hell - Laura Veirs - Paul McGladdery and Gaynor Wilson - Peter Knight's Gigspanner - Whapweasel - Teresa Doyle and Doug Riley - The Decemberists - Anne-Marie Sanderson - Lee Maddison - Seasick Steve - David Dee Moore - Abbie Lathe - Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston - Steve Knightley - Stormy Mondays - Joe Brown - Skinner And T'witch - Fairytale - Gaia Consort - Damh The Bard - Blackmailed & Bereft

Poetry by: Dora Greenwell - Thomas Aird
FolkCast 108 - May 2015 FolkCast 108 - May 2015 Music by: Terence Blacker - Robyn Stapleton - The Peatbog Faeries - Rura - TradArrr - Barrule - The Foxglove Trio - Fabian Holland - James Black - Mike Reinstein - Ian Roland - Peter Knight's Gigspanner - David Hughes - Gilmore & Roberts - Chad Mason

Story Behind The Song: Where Is Colin? (music festival)
FolkCast 107 - April 2015 107 show logo A torrent of great new music from some of our favourite artists, plus some names new to us. Babba tells the Story Behind one of the best folk songs of the 20th Century.

Music by: Mawkin - Luke Jackson - Tom Fitton - The Moon Band - Heg & The Wolf Chorus - Fairport Convention - The Demon Barbers - Le Vent Du Nord - Damh The Bard - Roseanna Ball - Eric Bogle - James J Turner - Rura - John Renbourn

Story Behind The Song: And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (War/Battle)
FolkCast 106 - March 2015 FolkCast 106 - March 2015 New songs, a tribute to Terry Pratchett, and Babba appeals for help from the international community.

Music by: Merry Hell - Two Coats Colder - Orphan Jane - Russell Joslin - Vin Garbutt - Fay Brotherhood - The Moonbeams - Emi McDade - Steve Tilston - Leveret - Steve Pledger - Tim Jones & The Dark Lanterns - Elliott Morris - Steeleye Span.

Story Behind The Song: King Of The Coiners (counterfeiting)
March Into May 2015: Spring Special

Released March 2nd 2015
March Into May 2015 March Into May 2015: A Podcast all about the season of Spring!

Good news! You've survived the winter! Let's celebrate the coming of Spring with FolkCast's March Into May 2015, a progression in music and verse from the slow departure of old man winter to the birth of the summer.

Music by: Music by: Charlie Chaplin - Bella Hardy - Lee Maddison - Luka Bloom - The North Atlantic Trio - Terence Blacker - Laura Veirs - Amazing Blondel - Matthew Tomayko - De-Malebysse - Pete Seeger - Damh The Bard - S.J. Tucker - Tracy Grammer - Threepenny Bit - Jolly Jack - Nancy Kerr & James Fagan - Paul McGladdery - Fats Waller - Kyle Carey, Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - Richard Thompson - Life And Times - Beltane Border Morris - Fairytale - Danni Nichols - Spiral Dance

Poetry by: Phil Widdows - Darren Sant - Harold Peary - Night An'Fey - A.E.Housman
FolkCast 105 - February 2015 Music by: Joe Innes & The Cavalcade - King Eider - Jemima Farey - Gareth Lee and Annie Baylis - The Changing Room - Sarah McQuaid - Ian Carmichael - Skipper's Alley - Tom Kitching - Mishaped Pearls - Martin & Eliza Carthy - Freshly Ground - India Electric Co.

Story Behind The Song: Queen Caraboo / Princess Caraboo
FolkCast 104 - January 2015 FolkCast 104 - January 2015 Fresh music for a new year, plus two tales of alternative lifestyles of years gone by.

Music by: Garry Blakeley - Nick Edward Harris - Zeptepi - Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls - Jay Terrestrial and Firepit Collective - Terry Easton - The Reid Jamieson Band - Sean Moyses and Ken Aoki - John Jenkins - Daria Kulesh - Anne-Marie Sanderson - Bandersnatch - Skipinnish

Poem: The Ballad Of Blaster Jack
Story Behind The Song: Close To The Wind (highwaymen)
FolkCast Festive Selection Box 2014

Released December 9th 2014
FolkCast Festive Selection Box 2014 The FolkCast Festive Selection Box - bursting with good things for the season of Christmas, Yule and Saturnalia, with specially selected music and readings.

Music by: Jon Lindsay - Hank Snow - Christmas Accordion - Robb Johnson - Lisa Redford - Johnny Aitken - The Longest Johns - John Smith - Maggie Boyle - Andrews Massey Duo - Anne Marie Sanderson - Barry Allen - Johnny Coppin - Runrig - Blackheart - Albion Christmas Band - Bella Hardy - Lunasa - Straight No Chaser - Ringo Starr - Marillion - Zoe Wren - Nowell Sing We Clear - Vicki Swan & Johnny Dyer - Wood Wire And Words

Readings and verse by: Bart Simpson - Mrs CS Stone - Ashley Hutchings - Virginia Woolf.
FolkCast 103 - December 2014 103 - December 2014 New releases from the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and other roots-type musical genres, plus Babba looks at the history, heritage and differences between Father Christmas and Santa Claus.

Music by: Heg & The Wolf Chorus - Jez Lowe -  The Familiars -  Iain Till - Jeremy Tuplin - Norm Straus - Any O'Neill & CeeCee - Ryan Fox - Until The Bird - Pete Morton - The Levellers & Bellowhead - The Blue Pig Orchestra - Heed The Thunder
FolkCast Winter Storm 2014

Released November 23rd 2014
Winter Storm 2014 A storming collection of songs, poetry and prose for the winter 2014/15.

Music by: Green Diesel - The Imagined Village - The Young 'Uns - Peter Lacey - Reid Jamieson - Ninebarrow - Mark Ellis - Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar - KC Barber - George Boomsma - Stooshie - Rainbow Chasers - Miranda Sykes - Shine - Kyle Carey - Charlie Mosbrook - Duncan McCrone - Nigel Brown.

Quotations by: Oliver Herford - James Carlos Blake - John Burrows - Thomas De Quincey - John Updyke - Lord Byron - Billy Connolly - Sinclair Lewis - Phil Widdows - Robert Byrne - JR Stockton.
FolkCast 102 - November 2014 FolkCast 102 - November 2014 In this show, as well as some of the latest releases from the folkosphere, we'll be focusing on heroes with a collection of new songs for the season of remembrance, and also with a very special Story Behind The Song, our exclusive feature which briefs you about an historical event which has been memorialised in song - and this month it's an event that didn't just inspire one song but an entire concept album!

Music by: Merry Hell - The Men They Couldn't Hang - Green Diesel - Rainbow Chasers - The Ree-Vahs! - Brillig - Nigel Brown - Terry Easton - Guy Calhoun - The Elizabethan Session - The Armistice Pals - Blast From The Past - Show Of Hands - The Cork Jacket Crew - The Alt

Story Behind The Song: Soul Savers (lifeboats)
Halloween Scream 2014
Released October 2014
Halloween Scream 2014 Greetings, and welcome to the FolkCast Halloween Scream for 2014, a special show featuring My Babies..., an original tale of terror about a folk tradition which, for some, has a gruesome intensity.
So, this is not suitable for those of a nervous disposition, or whose imaginations tend to get the better of them when darkness falls, the wind howls, and when the veil between the worlds becomes thinnest.
It's not something to play to your babies, either. Not yet. Save it until they are old enough to know that what they imagine and what is real are not always the same thing. Not ... always.
BUT, if you're willing to take the risk of a shiver or a shock, please - lock all your doors and windows, turn off all distractions, sit back and be comfortable for the next 20 minutes while I tell you all about My Babies...

Music by: The Similar Touch - Daisy Chapman - Paul Borgese and the Strawberry Traffic Jam
FolkCast 101 - October 2014 FolkCast 101 logo We dip into a stack full of new releases, and Babba goes back to the end of the Middle Ages to show why life in England was no bed of Roses...

Music by: The Men They Couldn't Hang - The Blue Pig Orchestra - Hex - The Changing Room - Lee Madison - Christopher James Sheridan - Reg Meuross - Eamon Friel  - Ange Hardy - Kelly Oliver - Green Diesel - Threepenny Bit - The Hut People - The Willows - The Legendary Ten Seconds - Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - Ivor Game

The Story Behind The Song: Tewkesbury Tale (battle)
Autumn Crackler 2014
Released September 23rd
Autumn Crackler 2014 logo Take a musical walk through the Autumn, from September to December, via Halloween and Guy Fawkes' Night.

Music by: Phil Manzenara - Kim Lowings & The Greenwood - John Conolly  - Maia - Jane Thomason - Peter Lacey - Smoke Fairies - Show Of Hands - Jon Budworth - The Vessels - David Gibb & Elly Lucas - Salt House - Ninebarrow - Feast Of Fiddles - Deborah Rose - Nick Cook - Taylor Brown Trio - John Kirkpatrick - Brooke Bentham - Ange Hardy - Danny Carnahan and Robin Petrie with The Missing Pieces - The Oldham Tinkers - The Moody Blues

Poetry and quotations by: Wallace Stegner - Debra Welsh - Kālidāsa - Alys Fowler - Will Carleton - Lauren DeStefano - Robert Frost - Rainbow Rowell - Ewan MacColl - Thomas Hood - William Cullen Bryant
FolkCast 100 - September 2014 FolkCast 100
It's our hundredth monthly podcast and in a celebration extravaganza we have special guests, exclusive new music, some of the biggest songs in the folk canon and our unique poetry and history features. All this and more in this month's edition of ... FolkCast!

Music by: Merry Hell, Mary Jane, Luke Jackson, Nick Cook, Eliza Carthy, Arnwyn, Show Of Hands, Sarah McQuaid, Fay Brotherhood, Ken Nicol, Steeleye Span, Flame Proof Moth, Damh The Bard.

FolkLoreate: Callum And The Fiddle
The Story Behind The Song: Thomas The Rhymer (fairyfolk)
Interview Special - The Lindisfarne Story
Released August 18th
Lindisfarne Story Phil chats to BILLY MITCHELL and RAY LAIDLAW of Lindisfarne as they embark on a major UK tour with their show "The Lindisfarne Story". Featuring clips from the show and live songs.
FolkCast 099 - August 2014 FolkCast 099 - August 2014 We pay mind to the Rule Of Three this month, with 3 Bright Lights, 3 ladies, 3 men, 3 bands, 3 trad songs. But there's only one Babba and the Story Behind The American Civil War Folk Song (part, erm, 2...)

Music by: Richard Thompson - Red Herring - Bellowhead - Polly Barrett - Lucy Evans - Louise Petit - David Hirst - Justin Dean Thomas - Gregory Alan Isakov - Merrymouth - Skerryvore - Mishaped Pearls - Said The Maiden - Alison Frosdick & Jack Burnaby - Sharp As Razors - Bright Season - Blackmailed And Bereft

The Story Behind The Song: Shenandoah (American Civil War)
FolkCast 098 - July 2014 FolkCast 098 - July 2014 In this month's show: a feast of storytelling in song - two true tales of sporting endeavour that end in disaster and death; a biographical story of a young woman finding her identity while hitchhiking to Ireland; we visit the circus, and go to the beach, and we've a couple of songs by men with no name - or rather, men with two names. And we've another Story Behind The Song, with FolkCast's own badger-bothering, island dwelling history hobo, Babba. And after that, we'll hear about a pasta-based god and the Queen of Hearts, with not a jam tart in sight.

Music by: The Ree-Vahs! - James Delarre & Saul Rose - Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar - Ange Hardy - Buffo's Wake - Orphan Jane - Lew Bear - Claire Boswell - Daniel Pearson - Blue Rose Code - Fifteen Days - Bellowhead - KARA - Martin & Eliza Carthy - Pete Morton

The Story Behind The Song - Roll Alabama by Bellowhead (American Civil War)
Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2014 Preview Listen to the show FolkCast's preview of Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2014. We talk to Fairport's Dave Pegg and go through this year's line-up to find out a little about all of the bands appearings at "Britain's friendliest music festival"!

Includes music by: Joe Broughton's Conservatoire Folk Ensemble - Capercaillie - Steve Hackett - The Waterboys - The Mischa Macpherson Trio - Deborah Rose - Edwina Hayes - Benjamin Folke Thomas - The Churchfitters - The Travelling Band - The Wonder Stuff - Chas & Dave - The Australian Pink Floyd Show - Blackbeard's Tea Party - Reg Meuross - Tree Top Fliers - Cara Dillon - Marillion - Al Stewart - Fairport Convention
FolkCast 097 - June 2014 FolkCast 097 logo Come with us on a journey studded with audio illusions...

Music by: The Knights Of Mentis - Wood, Wire & Words - Mishaped Pearls - Bright Season - Clutching At Straws - Ninebarrow - Rainbow Chasers - Steve Tilston - Stooshie - 3 Boxes - Damian Helliwell's Metta - Blackbeard's Tea Party - Eddi Reader - Jon Budworth - George Boomsma - The Rough Island Band - Haddo.

Grim And Grimy Folk: Long Lankin by Blackbeard's Tea Party
The Story Behind The Song: Charlie Is My Darling by Eddi Reader (Jacobite Rebellion/Bonny Prince Charlie)
Summer Sizzler 2014 Sizzler 2014 The Soundtrack of the Season! Pull up a beach chair, help yourself to barbecue and beer, and enjoy 80 minutes of sizzling summer sounds.

Music by: John Martyn - Pentangle - Chris Hardy - Peter Lacey - The Tansads - Runrig - Broadfoot - Fairport Convention - 3 Boxes - The Peddlers - The Clydesiders - The Saw Doctors - Moonrakers - Ninebarrow - Life And Times - Damh The Bard - Paul McGladdery - Golden Bough - David Gibb & Elly Lucas - Merry Hell - House Of Hats - Locomotive Ghost - Steeleye Span

Quotations and poems by: Darell Hammond -  Sandy Gingras - Gene Perret - Sam Keen - John Clare - Sophie Watson - Ada Louise Huxtable - Ewan MacColl - Henry James
FolkCast 096 - May 2014 FolkCast 096 - May 2014 From the sunny streets of an idealised England to doomed romances both modern and ancient... From a trip to the bathroom to a journey to the Far East... From murderous gangs of lovers to deep-voiced deadly goblins...From a wooden man to a wee man...From the battle of Agincourt to a fight defused by tea and biscuits...It's all in this month's edition of FolkCast!

Music by: The Men With Strong Arms - Crafting For Foes - Daria Kulesh - Crossharbour - Fifteen String Trio - The Rambling Roots - Tammerlin - Gavin Pennycook - Simon Mayor - Megson - Bridie Jackson & The Arbour - Mather & Robinson - The Young 'Uns.

Grim And Grimy Folk: The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow by Tammerlin
The Story Behind The Song: Agincourt by Mather & Robinson (battle)
FolkCast 095 - April 2014 FolkCast 095 - April 2014 Politics leads to tickling, which leads to happiness. The break of day leads to a terrible mining disaster. We go to sea, meet three ghosts, are taken as slaves by moorish pirates and finally go cuckoo. It's all in this episode of FolkCast - the show that breaks the rules!

Music by: Pete Morton - Sydney Carter - House Of Hats -  The Jones Boys - Billy Brown - Peter Lacey - Adrian Nation - Martin Carthy -
Brasy - Will Pound - Hughie Jones - Russell Cottier - Luke Jackson - Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin - Little Johnny England - DeMalebysse

Grim And Grimy Folk: Trimdon Grange by Martin Carthy
The Story Behind The Song: Lily Of Barbary by Little Johnny England (slavery and pirates).

March Into May! Spring Special 2014

March 2014
March Into May - Spring 2014 FolkCast's second annual celebration of the season of Spring, as told in music, rhyme and verse. Come on, let's set out now on a journey from the death of Old Man Winter to the dawning of a new summer ... on the way we'll visit April and Easter as we March Into May!

Music by: Charlie Chaplin - Paul McGladdery - The Webb Sisters - John Kirkpatrick -  Becky Mills - Blue Rose Code - John Rutter & The Cambridge Singers - Suburban Tribe - George Breakfast - Martin Simpson - Skylark Song - Maddy Prior - The Watersons - Christy Moore - Ange Hardy - Ashley Hutchings - Tom Lehrer - Emmett Doyle - Rosa Rebecka - Blanche Rowan & Mike Gulston - James Bell - The Morris On Band - Hunter's Moon Morris - Triangle - Oysterband

Poetry and prose by: Ian Bland - Robert Frost - Dogman (aka David Sands) - Bill Hicks - PG Wodehouse - Ewan MacColl - Cecil Sharp - Phil Widdows
FolkCast 094 - March 2014 FolkCast 094 - March 2014 New Scottish folk music, the return of Ken Nicol, and the launch of our hunt for the most 'Grim and Grimy' folk songs ever!

Music by: Mather & Robinson - Fiona Hunter - Ross Ainsley - Blazin' Fiddles - Marit And Rona - Nobodaddy - Pete Morton - Harp And A Monkey - Robin Mitchell - John Tams - The Jake Leg Jug Band - Pete Seeger & The Cathedral Singers

Story Behind The Song returns next month
FolkCast 093 - February 2014 New year, new music - plus a pause for thought about the true nature of sacrifice.

Music by: The Men With Strong Arms - Leatherat - Robin Mitchell - Nigel Parry - Luke Jackson - Patsy Reid - Calum Stewart & Heikki Bourgault - Chris Ricketts - Damh The Bard - Eddi Reader - Ian Roland - Brillig - Ralf Dee

The Story Behind The Song: High Germany, sung by Isambarde (battle)
FolkCast 092 - December 2013 FolkCast 092 episode An end-of-year special: more songs by some of the artists featured on FolkCast throughout 2013

Music by: Lucy Ward - Jenna - True Gents - Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker - Blanche Rowen and Mike Gulston - Steeleye Span - The Outside Track - Blackbeard's Tea Party - Union Jill - Merry Hell - The Longest Johns - Fabian Holland - Magnet and Paul Giovanni - Zeptepi - Helen Dorothy - Allan Yn Y Fan - Gavin Davenport

Babba presents The Story Behind The Song: The Boar's Head Carol by Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band
FolkCast Selection Box VIII - 2013 Music and poetry for the season of Winter, of Christmas & Yuletide.

Music by: Secret Garden - Anne Marie Almedal - Fairground Attraction - Winter Wilson - Judy Dyble - Howard Haigh - Martin Barre - Maddy Prior - Kathryn and Bob Tickell - Life And Times - Bellowhead - Blast From The Past - Kerfuffle - Andrews Massey Duo - Gareth Davies-Jones - Nick Lowe - Lisa Redford - Eric Bogle - Steve Folk - Niels Cremer - The Halstead Clan - The Albion Christmas Band - Roy Mette - Brian Brink - Bella Hardy Poetry by: Phil Widdows - Robert Bridges - Dr Seuss - Patience Strong

FolkCast 091 - November 2013 FolkCast 091 Delights, surprises and new releases from the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music plus a journey into the catastrophic past of Old London Town in The Story Behind The Song.

Music by: James Bell - Steeleye Span - Salt House - Moonrakers - Elliott Morris - The Speedbumps - Annie Dressner - Tommy Sands - Gareth Davies-Jones - Monster Ceilidh Band - DJ Ualdemar - Kevin Doherty

The Story Behind The Song: The Great Fire Of London, featuring Fire Of '66 by Roy Mette
Halloween Scream 2013 Halloween Scream 2013
Halloween Scream 2013 - The Beast In The Attic: A tale of terror illustrated with music and poetry

A Time That Never Was... by Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks - Souling Song by Kristen Lawrence - It's Halloween by Laura Warfield - Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe - Ghost by Matt Stevens - Introduction To Horror, presented by Arch Oboler - Watching Ghosts by Helen Dorothy - Graveyard by True Gents - Along Destiny Road, a poem by Dave Alton, with Horror by Paul Sop - The Bet by Show Of Hands - O! Death by Sproatly Smith - The Gravedigger by Jake Thackray - The "Other Dance"... from Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett, read by Babba - The Dark Morris by Steeleye Span - Seven Years Old by Sedayne - "Tis Now The Very Witching Time Of The Night", from Hamlet, read by Richard Burton - The Unquiet Grave by Moonrakers - The Moonwraith by Bonfire Night - Halloween Radio Broadcast by Bing Crosby and Lena Home - Goetia AD72 by English Heretic - Samhain Eve by Dahm The Bard - Death Is Just A Dream by Ken Nicol
FolkCast 090 - October 2013 FolkCast 090 - October 2013 New songs, old songs, pop songs as folk songs, songs about the weather and the Story Behind The Song. It's a rockin', riotous, rumbustious FolkCast show...!

Music by: The Demon Barbers - Day Of The Rabblement - Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer - Whalebone - The Bad Shepherds - Red Hot Chilli Pipers - Beau - Doug MacNearney - Zeptepi - McDermott's 2 Hours - Merry Hell - Barricades Rise - Skylark Song - James Bell - Fabian Holland - Roving Crows.

The Story Behind The Song: The life and times of Dr William Price - eccentric, nudist, enthusiastic lover, father to many, many children and the man who opened the door to the acceptance of cremation in Britain.
Autumn Crackler 2013
September 2013
Autumn Crackler 2013 A collection of songs and quotations for the Autumn season.

Music by: Show Of Hands - Roy Harper - Nick Cook - Paolo Nutini - Ashley Hutchings - Talis Kimberley - Jethro Tull - Gill Sandell - Marco Catracchia - Mark Handley - FolkLaw - Luluc - In Gowan Ring - Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker - Tuung - The Last Bison - Prydwyn And Kira with Quickthorn - Maddy Prior -
Anthony Thistlethwaite - Mark Knopfler - Steven Lindsay - The Black Feathers

Quotations by: Jane Austen - George Eliot - Stephen King - Hal Borland - P.G. Wodehouse - Humbert Wolfe - Keith Donohue - John Greenleaf Whittier - Shauna Niequist - Daphne du Maurier - Clyde Watson
FolkCast 089 - September 2013 089 thumbnail It's oh so quiet as we fill this month's show with folk, singer-songwriter and roots music from the chilled end of the scale. It's all low-key, laid back, and decidedly delicious, including an exclusive live session from our special guest, Sarah McQuaid.

Music by: Tinkerscuss - Becky Mills - Day Of The Rabblement - Jont - Sarah McQuaid - Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer - Jenna - Phillip Henry And Hannah Martin - Lisa Knapp - Skylark Song - Fabian Holland.

The Story Behind The Song: The tale of Mary Queen of Scots is told by Babba
featuring Fotheringay by Fairport Convention
FolkCast 088 - August 2013 FolkCast 088 - August 2013 Excerpts from two very different musical journeys, a version of Raggle Taggle Gypsies like you've never heard before, and some music that's so chilled out it moves at just 1mph.

Music from: Lucy Ward - The Freedom/Guilt Equation - Chris Flegg - Ange Hardy - Tess Of The Circle - One Mile An Hour - Lady Maisery - Gill Sandell - Jet McDonald - Celtic Reggae Revolution - Whalebone - Between The Wars - Judy Dyble - The Bad Shepherds.

Babba tells the story behind the song Richard Of York by Lord Zarquon and The Legendary Ten Seconds
FolkCast 087 - July 2013 Click to listen to the show
New sounds from the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music. Songs of travel, of love, of loss and of a life well lived ... and, if you thought you knew what bagpipes sound like - or that you didn't like them! - we'll be changing your mind. Plus.... an exclusive interview with singer-songwriter Luke Jackson!

Music by: Rusty Shackle - Chris Ricketts - The Fisherman's Friends - Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker - Cocos Lovers - Dick Hyman and Judy Hyman - Tom Russell And The Norwegian Wind Ensemble - The Red Hot Chilli Pipers - Man's Ruin - James Duncan MacKenzie - Luke Jackson - The Jon Hart Band
FolkCast's Cropredy Festival Preview 2013 Cropredy Festival Preview 2013 The FolkCast preview of Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2013, the fabulous music festival in the heart of England presented by the founding fathers of British folk-rock, Fairport Convention. With music and interviews.

Music by: Alice Cooper - Dave Pegg and PJ Wright - Fairport Convention - Romeo's Daughter - Edward II - Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar - Danny & The Champions Of The World - Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman - Moulettes - Lunasa - The Levellers - 10CC - Richard Digance - Mediaeval Baebes - The Dunwells - Peatbog Faeries - Nik Kershaw
Summer Sizzler 2013 A soundtrack for the season: summery songs and songs of the summer, with poetry and quotations to match.

Music from: Eddi Reader - The True Gents - Candidate - Co-Pilgrim - Blanche Rowan & Mike Gulston - Lola & The Bludgies - Uku The Mighty - Union Jill - Jack Harris - Alexandre Nestorov - Damh The Bard - Jon Airdrie - Paul Mosley - Nick Drake - Mark Knopfler - Man's Ruin - Nigel Brown - Show Of Hands - Martin Francis - Luke Jackson - Eric Pukos

Poetry and quotations from: Enid Blyton - James Dent - William Cullen Bryant - F. Scott Fitzgerald - William Shakespeare - Natalie Babbitt - Deb Caleti
FolkCast 086 - May 2013 Listen to the show
Size: Large
Listen to the show
Size: Extra Large
Choose your size: Extra Large features extra chat and a little more music.

Ken Nicol returns from Down Under (we lock him in a cellar when he's not on air...) with tales of his trip to Oz and NZ, and we chat about online personality, the resurrection of a folk-rock giant, and whether anyone will buy an umbrella with our name on it. Babba gets yellow fever in the Story Behind The Song, as he reveals all ... about the significance of yellow ribbons in folk song.

Music from: Merry Hell - Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker - Nick Edward Harris - Men Of Folk - Ann Vriend - Gary Hall - Clive Gregson - The Longest Johns - Dougie Crosbie - Lindisfarne - Folk On
FolkCast 085 - April 2013 Listen to the show This time of year is rich with new releases as musicians prepare for another summer of touring and festivals, and here at FolkCast we've been dancing under the April showers of downloads and CDs dropping through our letter box on a daily basis.
Music from: Battlefield Band - Anna Corcoran - Common Tongues - Graham Cairns - Allan Yn Y Fan - Co-Pilgrim - Stark - Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman - Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston - Union Jill - Roy Mette - The Celtic Fiddle Festival -  Said The Maiden - Blackbeard's Tea Party
Babba tells The Story Behind The Song of the dread pirate Bartholomew Roberts
Deborah Bonham Interview

April 2013
Listen to the show An exclusive interview with singer and songwriter Deborah Bonham.
She talks about her new album Spirit, her musical influences and growing up with Led Zeppelin.
FolkCast - Spring Into May - Easter 2013 Listen to the show Spring Into May: A FolkCast Seasonal Special - Music and poetry for the Spring to early Summer.

Music from: Hilary James - Waking The Witch - Jonnie Murphy - Matthew Ord- Neil Cousin - Sedayne - Spriguns - Simon Fowler's Merrymouth - Tess - Fairport Convention - The Ralf Weihrauch Trio - James Findlay - Mike Vass - Spiral Dance - Magicfolk - Lisa Knapp - Jackie Oates - Little Johnny England - Runrig - Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts - Steeleye Span - Jethro Tull - The Bailey Sisters - Damh The Bard

Poetry and quotations from: E.E. Cummings - Doug Larson - Henry Van Dyke  - WH Davies -  Henry David Thoreau - E.B. White - Mark Twain - Omar Khayyam - Dave Alton - Percy Bysshe Shelley - Thomas Hardy - Rainer Maria Rilke
FolkCast 084 - March 2013 Listen to the show Our special guest is folk singer and guitarist Jed Grimes, and Babba concludes our two-part Story Behind The Song about the life and times of Tom Paine.

Music from: Blackbeard's Tea Party - The Outside Track - Gavin Davenport - Faustus - Crompton's Thresher - Jed Grimes - Bob Hillary and The Massive Mellow - Jess Morgan - Amy Duncan
Blast 006 - March 2013 Listen to the show Music from the outer reaches of the folk galaxy...

Featuring: Paradigms - Jo Bywater - Anna Lena & The Orchids - Perry Ostrin - Rita Payne
Rewind - March 2013 Listen to the show Rewind dips into the FolkCast music archive to bring you more from artists already introduced in our regular monthly podcasts. Music by: Gilmore&Roberts - Two Coats Colder - Roy Mette - True Gents - Mulholland  & Ward - Blackbeard's Tea Party - Talis Kimberley - Damh The Bard - Mark Knopfler - Kathryn Tickell -  Chris While & Julie Matthews - Reg Meuross - The QP - Galley Beggar -  Bellowhead - FolkLaw - Ken Nicol
FolkCast 083 - February 2013 Listen to the show Discover the amazing true story of folk hero Tom Paine, who went from being a corset maker in Norfolk to being "the father of the American Revolution"and also inspired a great song or two. And we pay tribute to Fisherman's Friends with a selection of shanties and songs of the sea.

Music by: True Gents - Andrew Gordon - Brass Monkey - DH Lawrence And the Vauderville Skiffle Show - Spiritual Wardrobe - Moulettes - Fisherman's Friends - Zeptepi - Chris Ricketts - Colgarra - Fairport Convention - Heg And The Wolf Chorus - Minnie Birch - Heidi Talbot - Richard Thompson - Little Johnny England.
FolkCast 082 -  January 2013 Listen to the show
CD length show

Listen to the show
XL - added chat and longer music
New music for a new year from the UK's original and premier independent podcast dedicated to folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music.

Choose your size: original or XL. The original size is edited for listeners who prefer to burn the show to CD. The XL format includes extra chat and longer songs.

Music by: Dr Mango & the Chickpeas - Merry Hell (feat Dave Swarbrick) - Peter Knight's Gigspanner - Daisy Chapman - Bridie Jackson & The Arbour - Charlie Law - Ivor Game - Douglas Hinton - Until The Bird... - Dirty Old Folkers - Reg Meuross - The Sandman's Orchestra - Fable Of The Bees - Frost At Midnight

FolkCast 081 - December 2012 Listen to the show Dark music for the darkest time of the year, with lots of death, tragedy and injustice in December 2012's FolkCast. So, if you're feeling desperate, down or dispirited because of the weather, your wasted wallet or your walloped waistline, this is just the place for you! These are the blues, baby - folk style! 

Music by: Kate Denny - Iain Morrison - Mike Vass - Red Shoes - Chris While and Julie Matthews - Annie Dressner -
Calum Stewart & Lauren MacColl - Mike Grogan - The Portraits - Sproatly Smith - Eamon Friel - Damh The Bard. Babba presents The Story Behind The Song for Innocents Song by Show Of Hands.
FolkCast Selection Box VII
December 2012
Listen to the show

Come to the FolkCast Village Hall for a special show full of music, poetry and comedy to celebrate winter, Yuletide, Christmas and beyond!

Featuring music by: Green Diesel - Tarbox Ramblers - Emily Smith - Joy Dunlop and Twelfth Day - Life And Times - Josienne Clarke - Kerfuffle - Bob Kirkpatrick - Priscilla Ahn - Beegie Adair - Jars Of Clay - Bella Hardy - Barricades Rise - Mike Vass - The Albion Band - Ken Nicol - Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer - Anup - The Christmas Album Band - Jo Bywater - Gareth Davies-Jones - Lindisfarne.

With literary offerings by: William Shakespeare - Damh The Bard and Cerri Lee - Dave Carr - The Human Nutrino - Miracle on 34th Street - Ogden Nash

Interviews from the
Great British Folk Festival
December 2012
GBFF logo A series of special short shows featuring exclusive interviews with the stars of GBFF2012 at Butlin's, Skegness.

Interviews with: Ashley Hutchings - Simon Care - Blair Dunlop - Patsy Matheson -  Gordon Giltrap - Roy Mette - Triangle - Sue Marchant - John Watterson (aka Fake Thackray) - Peter Knight - Phil Beer

Music from: The Morris On Band - The Albion Band - Blair Dunlop - Patsy Matheson - Gordon Giltrap - Roy Mette & Triangle - Jake Thackray - Fake Thackray - Peter Knight's Gigspanner - Show Of Hands
FolkCast 080 - November 2012 Listen to the show November is the month of memories, and in an opening section we pay tribute to the dead of all wars, with six songs from various of war viewpoints through history. Later in the show our folk historian, Babba, lights the fuse on the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot – an infamous event remembered annually with fireworks and bonfires. And there's a specially-written song to commemmorate "the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions". We also remind you that the end of November is time for the Great British Folk Festival, so we preview the event with music from some of the artists appearing this year.

Music from: Duncan McCrone - Gary Cordice - Peter Bellamy - Seth Lakeman & The BBC Concert Orchestra - Show Of Hands - Taalis Kimberley - Jamie Smith's Mabon - Feral Mouth - Feast Of Fiddles - Fay Hield & The Hurricane Party - Gordon Giltrap - Merry Hell - Carys & Rosemary - Amber Road.
FolkCast 079 - October 2012 Listen to the show There is a subtle mood of menace for this mysterious season, with strange tales of a modern woodland battle, of blazing bonfires, punch-ups with army recruits, border raids, and a real life medical man who may not have been all he seemed...

Music from: FolkLaw - Garforth and Myers - Hadrian's Union - The Halstead Clan - Dodson and Fogg - Antiqcool - The Ralf Weirauch Trio - Maeve Mackinnon - Galley Beggar - The Albion Band - Gilmore&Roberts - Blair Dunlop - Mulholland and Ward - Maddy Prior with Hannah James and Giles Lewin. Babba reveals the secret of Doctor James in The Story Behind The Song
FolkCast Interview 009
Ken Nicol: Historic Events
October 2012
Listen to the show Phil and Ken in conversation with a track-by-track run through of FolkCast co-presenter Ken Nicol's latest album, "Historic Events and other subjects", and a look at how and why each song came to be written.
FolkCast 078 - Autumn Crackler 2012

Listen to FolkCast 078

A special show to mark the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, with a journey through Halloween to reach the approach of winter. Music from: Ray Bradfield - Allysen Callery - Candidate - Ashley Hutchings and Ken Nicol - Tattie Jam - Jamie Smith's Mabon - Yvonne Lyon - Bert Jansch - Mc2 - SedayneLore - Martha Tilston - Thursday's Child - The Coffinshakers - John Carpenter - Tony Provencher - Sangsters - Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley - Stargazer - Pig's Ear - Whalebone - Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker

Poetry includes: Merry Autumn by Paul Laurence Dunbar (read by Paul Adams) - Poem In October by Dylan Thomas (read by Richard Burton) - The Last Week In October by Thomas Hardy (read by Ghizela Rowe) - Warlock's Ride by Robert Walsh - The Pumpkin Tree by Robert Wrigley (read by the poet) - To Autumn by John Keats (read by Michael Stuhlbarg)

FolkCast 077 - September 2012

Listen to FolkCast 077

In this show we Think Local with a series of songs and tunes linked to various places around the British Isles. Also there is a preview of our interview with Ken Nicol talking about his new album, Historic Events And Other Subjects.

The music is Byker Hill by Bellowhead - Kingsdale by The Moonbeams - Land Of Chalk And Clay by Beggar's Bridge - Da Full Rigged Ship by The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc - Kerry And Donegal Reels by Rochentune - Lady Montgomery by Session A9 - Hook by Macmaster/Hay - Mastiau Hen Longau by Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog - A Thousand Tongues by De'Borah - Silver And Gold by James J Turner - Evensong and Five Thousand Birds by Lizzie Nunnery and Vidar Norheim - After After by Ryan Ayers - Me And My Dark Companion by Declan Sinnot - Ten Pound Poms and The Demon Of The Well by Ken Nicol - Grey Bull/Wark Football Team by Kathryn Tickell

FolkCast 076 - September 2012

Listen to or download FolkCast 076

There's a watery theme running through this show with stories of riverboat romance, epic journeys, trawling, sailing, angling and privateering. Back on dry land there are circuses, lost loves, cursed singers, a hanged man and a battle royal between the devil and a she-monster! Who dares to say that folk music is boring?

The music: The Greatest Show On Earth by Green Diesel - Gave You A Thought by Steel Threads - The Pinery Boy by The Emperors Of Wyoming - The Ballad Of The First Fleet by Between The Wars - The Trawling Trade by James Findlay - Harbour Voice by The Young'Uns - Adieu Adieu by The Village Quire - The Devil And The Ploughman by Kim Lowings & The Greenwood - 10,000 Miles Away by Bellowhead - Hold On To Me by Balthazer And The Beatitudes - The Thompson Family Singers And I by Jess Morgan - Story Behind The Song: Drake by Show Of Hands - Privateering by Mark Knopfler - More Than Boys by Luke Jackson

FolkCast 075 - The Summer Sizzler - August 2012

Listen to FolkCast 075 - The Summer Sizzler - August 2012

A soundtrack for the summer sizzling with specially selected songs of the season - there is sun, there are good times, there are warm nights ... and a little summer rain. Music: 01 Now Welcome Summer by Malthouse Passage - 02 'Til The English Summer's Done by Ken Nicol - 03 Days Like Today by Duncan McCrone - 04 The Summer Shower by Tattie Jam - 05 I Love The Sun by Jon Redfern - 06 Summer On The L by Lisa Redford - 07 Summer Town by Pete Bennett - 08 Run To The Sun by Leatherat - 09 Ode To The Summer by Syd Arthur - 10 Greek Lightning by Bob Fox - 11 Suntrap by Show Of Hands - 12 Sun Goes On Rising, Sarah McQuaid - 13 Under Their Breath by Jon Boden - 14 My Back Garden by The Moonbeams - 15 After Summer Rain by Steve Tilston - 16 Midsummer Blue by Liz Law & Terry Conway - 17 Summer Sun by Folklaw - 18 Red Rose Summer by Big Al Whittle - 19 The Midst Of Summertime by Merrymouth - 20 Night Falls On Summer's End by The Owl Service - 21 Summer's End by Jackie Oates - 22 And Summer Slips Away by Goldenlikethesun.

FolkCast 074 - July 2012

Listen to FolkCast 074 - July 2012

Sibling rivalry, deceit, murder, mutilation… plus magical music and a weather forecast into the bargain!Witchcraft and murder from 400 years ago provide the backdrop to this month's show as we set the controls of the FolkCast time machine for 1612, and Pendle Hill, to hear Old Pendle from Seat Of The Pants, plus witchy offerings from poet Dave Alton (featuring Sedayne) and from Steeleye Span. Plus there's new music from: The Sea Kings - Joy Dunlop and Twelfth Day - The Rachel Hair Trio - Georgia Ruth - Riotous Assembly - Naymedici - The Roughneck Riot - Ewan McLennan - Damian Clarke - Fifteen Days - Sid Wright - Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman.

FolkCast 073 - June 2012

Listen to FolkCast 073 for June 2012

The All-Request Special! Phil mixes together a show full of the latest folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots-based music, as requested by an odd bunch of listeners. Music from: Leatherat - Nigel Brown - Bella Hardy - Luke Jackson - Simon Fowler - The Imagined Village - Arnwyn - David Harbottle and The Friendly Cats - Blackwing - Alan Reid and Rob van Sante - Riotous Assembly - Peter Nardini - Mike and Ruthy - Fling - Al Stewart - Liz Law and Terry Conway - Skerryvore. This month's Story Behind The Song from Babba tells the bloody tale of Charlotte Corday.

FolkCast 072 - May 2012

Listen to FolkCast 072 - May 2012

This month we have a new feature, Ken's Klassic, in which Ken Nicol looks at music that has influenced generations of artists, the first of these being the Davey Graham tune Anji; Babba tells The Story Behind The Song of one of the best known English folk songs, Scarborough Fair; and Phil and Ken play music by: Andrew Gordon - Ted Clark - Ian Prowse & Christy Moore - Zeptepi - The Roving Crows - Chumbawamba - Twilight Hotel - Sproatly Smith - Lisa Redford - Stuart Masters - Cloudstreet - Jonnie Murphy - Mark Waistell

FolkCast 071 - April 2012

Listen to FolkCast 071

FolkCast Live! A special show which plunders the archives for live performances from some of our favourite artists. Songs and tunes from: The Albion Band - Peter Knight's Gigspanner - Phillip Henry - Feast Of Fiddles - Seth Lakeman - The Saw Doctors - Christy Moore - Fairport Convention - Ashley Hutchings' Morris On Band - Richard Thompson - Kristina Olsen - The Urban Folk Quartet - Show Of Hands - Steve Knightley - John Tams and Barry Coope.

FolkCast 070 - March 2012

Listen to or Download FolkCast 070

The best in folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots-based music, presented by Phil Widdows and Ken Nicol. Music from: The QP - Son Of Eagle - Boat To Row - Bob Kirkpatrick - Anthony John Clarke - The UFQ - Ivor Game - Dominic G Ward - Jodie Goffe - Sincere Deceivers - Life And Times - Two Coats Colder - The Mighty Doonans - Sarah McQuaid. Plus the folk poem Jamie-Go-Deeper by Dave Alton.

Interview 008 - The UFQ

Listen to Interview 008 - The UFQ

Interview with all four members of The Urban Folk Quartet, recorded March 10 2012, plus music from their album Off Beaten Tracks.

FolkCast 069 - February 2012

Listen To FolkCast 069

Phil and Ken play music: by Treacherous Orchestra - Many A Mickle - Marina Florance - The Albion Band - Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston - Patsy Matheson - Arnwyn - Tess - Gren Bartley - Art Ceilidh - Grace Notes - Pavlov's Cat and, in The Story Behind The Song, Babba looks at the true tale of the first ever dance craze, featuring a song by 3 Daft Monkeys

FolkCast 068 - January 2012

Listen to FolkCast 068 January 2012

Phil and Ken look back at artists which premiered on FolkCast in 2011, featuring new music from: Merry Hell - Josienne Clarke And Ben Walker - Gavin Davenport - Luke Jackson - Pilgrims' Way - Green Diesel - Chris Ricketts - Threepenny Bit - Blackbeard's Tea Party - Findlay Napier And The Bar Room Mountaineers - Will Varley - Amy Yon - Cocos Lovers - Brocc.


FolkCast 067 - December 2011

Listen to FolkCast 067 for December 2011

The best in folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots-based music, featuring music and songs from: Leatherat - Will Varley - Cocos Lovers - Blackbeard's Tea Party - Bounding Main - Daniel Levi Goans - Jennifer Crook - Makar - Solar Fence - Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker - Rapunzel and Sedayne - Ghosts Of December - Harp And A Monkey. Plus, Babba tells the surprisingly violent story of an age-old Christmas carol, sung for us by Blackmore's Night.

Seasonal Selection Box VI

Listen to Seasonal Selection Box VI

Bring a bottle and join the party for our festive special for 2011, with music from: Coope, Boyes, Simpson, Fraser, Freya and Boyes - The Rash - Findlay Napier and The Bar Room Mountaineers - Debra Cowan - Thursday's Child - Cross The Border - Damien Barber and The Durbervilles - Erica Wheeler - Waterson:Carthy - The Morris On Band - Neil innes - The Banana Sessions - The Tremendous Seasons - David Cahalan - Carwyn Tywyn - The Glasgow Madrigirls - The Oxford Voices with Sioned Williams - The Oxford Waits - Ken And Lisa Theriot - Magpie Lane - Brocc - St Agnes Fountain - Billy Bragg and Ben Sollee - Robin Allender - Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Bailey Sisters.

FolkCast 066 - November 2011

Click hear to listen to FolkCast 066

The best in folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots-based music. Featuring music and songs from: Brocc - The Woodbine and Ivy Band - Jordan Rayne - Savaging Spires - Battlefield Band - Avital Raz - Moonshee - Stooshie - Sproatly Smith - Cross The Border. Poet Dave Alton tells the folklore tale of Morwen Of The Woodlands, there's live music from 30 Pounds Of Bone, courtesy of Songs From The Shed, and Babba looks at the story behind arguably the greatest protest song of our time, We Shall Overcome.

FolkCast Interview 007 - Damh The Bard

Listen to Interview 007

Damh The Bard is a singer, songwriter and podcaster... and also the Pendragon of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. His self-penned songs often deal with subjects of Pagan folklore and British myth, and he also sings his own versions of traditional folk songs. In this exclusive interview, Damh tells of his musical journey from thrash heavy metal guitarist to being one of the predominant musical forces in Paganism. He also discusses Druidcast, and his forthcoming movie, Spirit Of Albion.

FolkCast 065 - October 2011

LIten to FolCast 065

Sponsored by The Great British Folk Festival at Butlin's. As well as a full preview of December's GBFF in Skegness, there is a chance to win a pair of tickets to the event. We also have an exclusive live track by ahab, courtesy of Songs From The Shed, history man Babba looks at poaching in The Story Behind The Song and there's great NEW music from Spiers & Boden - Blueflint - Soapy Jefferson - Threepenny Bit - Jackie Oates - Merry Hell - Chris Ricketts.

FolkCast 064 - August/September 2011

Listen to FolkCast 064

A show full of projects, as well as great music from: Helen Dorothy - Bateleurs - Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts - The Albion Band - The Cecil Sharp Project - David Serby - Nick Tann - Ken Nicol - Acoustra - Red Kite Rising - Steve Blackstone - Phil Beer - The Saw Doctors. There's some mystery history involving a shanty with Babba in The Story Behind The Song, and Ken reveals details of his new, Ouija board-inspired stage show, The Glass Chronicles!

FolkCast 063 - July 2011

Listen to FolkCast 063

New music from: Luke Jackson - Reg Meuross - Hilary James - George Wilson - Chris Ricketts - Kate Doubleday - The Hare And The Moon - Billy Bragg - Nigel Brown - Thursday's Child - Findlay Napier & The Bar Room Mountaineers. Babba's Story Behind The Song explains the meaning of The Bonnie Bunch Of Roses, sung by Nic Jones. And folk lore-eate Dave Alton tells the tale of The Fatfield Worm.

Fairport's Cropredy Podcast, Sponsored by Wadworth, 2011

Visit our Cropredy micro-site

A series of shows which previewed, interviewed and reviewed Faiport's Cropredy Convention 2011.

FolkCast 062 - June 2011

Listen to FolkCast 059

Cool music for a hot June night comes from: FolkPort - Fairport Convention - Gerry Griffin - Green Diesel - John Twist - Lisa Redford - Helen Dorothy - The Walla Recovery - The Bailey Sisters - Colm Mac Con Iomaire - The Demon Barbers - Fresh Body Shop - Skylark Song. Babba's Story Behind The Song tells the piratical true story of Captain Ward.

FolkCast 061 - May 2011

Listen to FolkCast 059

The best in folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots-based music. The FolkLoreat, Dave Alton, takes a trip to the South Seas to wake the Sleeping Giant Storms of Fiji, and Phil flies to Seattle to find the secret of Fleet Foxes' unique sound. Well, sort of... Music comes from: Galley Beggar - Red Shoes - Alan 'Almo' Morley - Red June - Phillip Henry - Luke Jackson - Michael Wark - The Tuis - Gigspanner - Martin Carthy - Ewan McLennan - Jonathan Day - KAN - Liam Blake - Hilary James.

FolkCast 060 - April 2011

Listen to FolkCast 059

A show packed with quality items from the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots-based music. Babba tells The Story Behind The Diggers Song, and poet Dave Alton tells a tale of gold rush fever and watery shennanigans. Music comes from: Pilgrims' Way - Mary Jane - Jim Causley - Dom Duff - Peter Webster - Dahm The Bard - Lauren MacColl - FolkLaw - Chumbawamba - Iain Thomson - Hadrian's Union - Fay Brotherhood - Gentry Morris.

FolkCast Interview 006 - Show Of Hands

Listen to FolkCast 059

A relaxed chat with Steve Knightley, Phil Beer and Miranda Sykes about the many and varied projects associated with one of England's hardest working folk and roots bands - Show Of Hands. With music from: Show Of Hands - Jenna Witts - Luke Jackson - Miranda Sykes.

FolkCast 059 - March 2011

Listen to FolkCast 059

Phil and Ken play music by: Debra Cowan - June Tabor - Phillip Hartley - Mark Handley - Battlefield Band - Alan Reid - Steve Knightley - Linney Magic - Trembling Bells - Pilgrims' Way - Gavin Davenport - Ken Nicol. There's news of Ken's tour of New Zealand and Babba looks at hiring fairs and Late On Lady Day by Decameron in The Story Behind The Song.

Blast 005 (February 19 2011)

Listen to FolkCast Blast 005

Hot new folk-inspired music from Keston Cobblers Club - Stephen Young and The Union - The A Train.

FolkCast 058 - February 2011

Listen to FolkCast 057

Ken Nicol joins Phil in the studio to review new recordings from: Abigail Washburn - Andy Nicholls - Josienne Clarke - Culbeag - Dan Wilde - The Sandman's Orchestra - na-mara - Acoustra - Mike Viola and Kelly Jones. There's also a new folklore poem, The Twins, from Dave Alton, plus a double dose of folk history as Babba examines the Story Behind The Song of Wat Tyler by Fairport Convention and Ruairidh Anderson from the Songs From The Howling Sea project tells us all about one of the most disgusting neighbourhoods in London, Old Nichol, and the people who made it home.

Blast 004 - RNLI SOS Special - January 2011

Listen to FolkCast 057

Four songs reflecting the work of FolkCast's chosen charity, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Songs of the sea and rivers from Josienne Clarke - Philip Butler - Show Of Hands - Acoustra.
The show is released to raise awareness of and money for the RNLI's SOS Day 2011. Please donate to the RNLI - see the show's details for a link to the charity.

FolkCast 057 - January 2011 - Phil's Pick of 2010

Listen to FolkCast 057

Phil's personal selection of his favourite artists featured on FolkCast in 2010. Music from: Matthew Ord - The Sea Kings - Arnwyn - Zeptepi - Circus Envy - Barricades Rise - Catherine Howe - Raurri Joseph - 3 Daft Monkeys - Galley Beggar - Ed and Will - Chris While and Julie Matthews - The Demon Barbers - Whalebone - The Urban Folk Quartet - The Duncan McFarlane Acoustic Band - Black Rat


Blast 003 (New Year's Eve Special 2010)

Listen to FolkCast Blast 003 - New Year's Eve Special 2010

A short, smooth blast of folk music that is just right for the end of the year with New Year's songs from Lisa Redford, Amy Dixon Kolar and The Albion Band.

FolkCast Festive Selection Box V (2010)

Listen to Selection Box V

Our festive special for 2010 features music from: Tennessee Ernie Ford - B.E. Taylor - Damh The Bard - Jon London - Keith Ahern - Monte Selby - Eric Reed - The Magical Christmas Tree Tour featuring Pete Morton, Maggie Boyle and Chris Parkinson - Aine Furey - Brave Combo - Blabbermouth - Michael Silvestri - Stig Denson - Pink Martini - Durbin Elf - Natalie McCool - Tim & Kathy Mahoney - Joemy Wilson - The Lancashire Hotpots - The Columba Minstrels - Triangle - Ken Nicol - Joglaresa - Rusty Bladen - The cast of A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol - The Swing Cats - Pittsburgh Symphony Brass.

Blast 002 (December 12 2010)

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Edition 2 of the FolkCast Blast features three songs from young singer-songwriters with a folk flavour. Music from: ahab - Gibson Bull - Kinzli & The Kilowatts

056 - December 2010

December brings a show full of fabulous music, a chilling ghost story from Dave Alton, and the Story Behind The Song looks at Wassail and Wassailing. Music from: Duncan McFarlane Acoustic Band - Zeptepi - Seat Of The Pants - Alasdair Roberts - Lara Conley - Clem Leak - Nigel Eaton - Adam Barnes - Elijah Wolfenheart - Chris Wood - Whalebone - Tom Gamble - The Albion Band - Magpie Lane - Tattie Jam - Shirley Collins.

Blast 001 (November 18 2010)

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The FolkCast Blast is an explosive blast of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots-based music, that's about 15 minutes long. In this debut edition there's music from: The Urban Folk Quartet - Crispy - Other Roads.

055 - November 2010

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Ken joins Phil in the studio for a podcast full of great new releases. Music comes from: Bellowhead - Jon Boden - Blabbermouth - Heidi Talbot - Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts - The Legendary 10 Seconds - Rodney Brannigan - Linda Scanlon - Seize The Day - Chuck Owston - Stig Denson - Paul and Storm. Babba concludes his Story Behind The Song about The Black Death, and there's a stormy poem from William Topaz McGonnagall.

054 - October 2010

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Phil returns after the long summer break with the FolkCast Harvest Festival, sharing with you a crop of great new releases. Music comes from: Leatherat - 3 Daft Monkeys - Raurri Joseph - The Demon Barbers - Acoustic Earth - Chris While and Julie Matthews - Chris and Siobhan Nelson - Mike Katz and Mike Whellens - Galley Beggar - Jez Lowe And The Bad Pennies - Billy Teare - Kathleen O'Sullivan - Will & Ed - Chuck Owston - Black Rat. Our folk poet Dave Alton tells the story of Old Sykes, His Wife And Their Gold, and Babba unlocks the door on the most devastating event in British history ... the Black Death!

053 - June 2010

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FolkCast 053+ : Ken Quits Steeleye!

Poet Dave Alton tells the strange, haunting tale of Joseph And The Red Weaver, and Babba is on the battlefield to tell the Story Behind The Song Hearts Of Glory. Plus music from: Kindred Spirit - Steeleye Span - Silverwood - Tom Hitt - Jaime Leigh - Benita Johnson - Catherine Howe and Vo Flethcer - Barricades Rise - Matt Stevens - Ghosts I've Met - Lizzie Nunnery - Tommy Sands - Craig Herbertson - Steven Alverado.

PLUS: Ken makes a shock announcement!

052 - May 2010 - The Summer Sizzler

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The Summer Sizzler means maximum music and minimum chat - a soundtrack to enjoy again and again all summer long! Music from: Circus Envy - Tinkerscuss - Andy Raven - Hot Buttered Rum - Duane Andrews - Andy Patterson - Dala - Michael Wark - Maria Dunn - Cady Finlayson and Vita Tanga - She Swings She Sways - Clive Gregson - Roy Jay - Spiral Dance - David Wilcox - Jesse Manno - RM Hubbert - Rebecca Blackman - Joe Holtaway - Dahm The Bard.

051 - April 2010

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Music from: Zeptepi - Them Pastoral Pilots - Richard Koechli - Johnny Bertram & The Golden Bicycles - Chris Ricketts and Mark Willshire - Peter Lacey - The Barracks Band - Mike Collins - Rick Wakeman - Craig & Willoughby - Jess Morgan - April Maybe May. Our folk poet Dave Alton tells the story of Arthur Draws The Sword From The Stone, and Babba digs up the Resurrection Men, with the help of a new song by Chuck Owston.

050 - March 2010

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Our fiftieth monthly show but the recipe stays the same - great music from the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots. Featured this month: The Rowan Amber Mill - The Naughty Step - O'Hooley And Tidow - Braebach - Horse Feathers - Rebecca Blackman - William Coulter And Friends - Kim Robertson - Sarah McQuaid - Tina McKevitt and Matt Hegarty - Tomoko Sugawara - Lisa Redford - Robin Grey - Barleyjuice - Chumbawamba. Dave Alton tells the tale of The Enchanting Of Coleen, and Babba seeks out the Story Behind The Song of Here's To The Grog.

049 - February 2010

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Music from: Ewan Dobson - Damh The Bard - Letters To The Front - Stew Simpson - David Oakes - The Imagined Village - Bellevue Rendezvous - The Sea Kings - Kathryn Tickell - Bombadeal - Ian A. Anderson. Our folk poet, Dave Alton, tells the inspiring tale of the Free Trade Inn (with music by Nigel Eaton) and Babba tells the story behind The Springhill Mining Disaster.

048 - January 2010

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The start of Year Five of FolkCast is full of great music and the return of Ken Nicol, who takes the chance to tell us about his year on the road with Steeleye Span, and about his new album with Ashley Hutchings. Music from: Jo Hamilton - Battlefield Band - Chris Ricketts - Gerry Wall - Elijah Wolfenheart - The Existence Of Harvey Lord - Steeleye Span - Ashley Hutchings and Ken Nicol - Potato Potato - Laura Catlow - Matthew Ord.


Sir Guy The Seeker - The FolkCast Guiser Play

Listen to Sir Guy The Seeker

A recreation of the British folk tradition of the guiser or mummers play - an entertainment of great renown, featuring the finest theatrical talent and music both rare and excellent! Music from:
The Christmas Revels - Peter Calo - The Oxford Waits.

Festive Selection Box 2009

Listen to Selection Box 2009

Seasonal songs, tunes and readings in a hand-picked mix of some of the very best alternative music for the Christmas period.

Featuring: Roger Pontare - Steve Fulton - Undercover Christmas - Adrienne Pierce - Ann Sweeten - The GrooveBarbers - US Air Force Band and Singing Sergeants - Magpie Lane - Clearance - Asleep At The Wheel - Would Be Goods - The Tinsel Tones - Triangle - Dan Baraszu and Joseph Patrick Moore - Bill Furner - The Lancashire Hotpots - Torquestra (featuring Jobee) - Amy Marie - Anna Wilson - Janyse - The Swingle Singers - Kites With Lights - Kitty Robbins - Steeleye Span

047 - December 2009

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Our end-of-year retrospective, picking out a few of the artists from 2009 we think you should hear more of. Music from: Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts - Malinky - Wheeler Street - Jacanda - The QP - Jackie Oates - Show Of Hands - Steeleye Span - Snehasish Mozumder - Kate Doubleday - Philip Butler - The Sea Kings - Little Johnny England - The Lancashire Hotpots. Also, Babba, Rach and John tell the story behind Mummers' Plays and the song Righteous Joseph.

046 - November 2009

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No gimmicks, no themes, just great music and features. Music from: The Sea Kings - Linda Cricklair - Broken Dove - Jimmy Wahlsteen - Billy Mitchell and Bob Fox - Juan Medrano Cotito - Peter Bradley Adams - Stone Folke - Roy Jay - Hollyann and The Katie Winter. There's the tale of The Silver Whistle from folk poet Dave Alton, and Babba stands and delivers the truth about Turpin Hero in The Story Behind The Song.

Interview 005 - Phil Beer

Listen to FolkCast Interview 005 with Phil Beer

Phil Beer from Show Of Hands is our special interview guest. He tells us about his voyage as a member of the crew of a tall ship, about the latest album and tour and about their problems with their songs being misinterpretted by various political factions. Plus there is lots of great music from Show Of Hands.

045 - October 2009

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The Halloween-themed edition of FolkCast features music from: Mary Jane - Jerry Joy - Maggie Sansone - Show Of Hands - The Echo Session - Chuck Owston - The Hare And The Moon - Hollywood Haunts - Vic Chestnut - Angel Tavira - Carosel - Sam Harmon - Little Johnny England - Stephen Lynch. There's the tale of The Deugar from folk poet Dave Alton and the Story Behind The Song looks at the horrific Long Lankin.

044 - September 2009

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This edition is jam-packed with good stuff - folk poetry with the tall tale of Lang Jack, the story behind the traditional song The Blue Cockade, the chance to get a free copy of Maverick Magazine and music, music, music, from artists including: Maggie Sand and Sandragon - Rubus - 1651 - Bella Hardy - Gadelle - Glenn Jones - Mat Callahan and Yvonne Moore - Tim Buckley - N.E.D. - Red Shoes - Jackie Oates - Triangle - Edward Bell. Oh, and Ken Nicol drops in between tours with Steeleye Span.

043 - August 2009

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Music from: Battlefield Band - Phillip Hartley - Fairport Convention - Aidan O'Rourke - Chris Leslie - Magpie Lane - Dave Shepherd and Becky Price - Julie Murphy - Tim Van Eyken & Robert Harbron - Debashish Bhattacharya - Nick Cook - The Bounty Hounds - Paul Clayton - Myers and Garforth - Martin Simpson. Folk Poet Dave Alton tells the tale of Satan Over Bacup, and Babba digs down the back of the sofa of time to reveal the Story Behind The Song of Lillibullero.

042 - July 2009

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Jo joins the cast to give her views on the music we play, which this month comes from: Kate Doubleday - Davie Lawson - Hobbyhorse - Ian Bland - James Llewellyn - Jess Morgan - Heather Woodhead - Mary Jane - Snehasish Mozumder - Spiro - Steeleye Span. Babba relates the Wonder-ous tale that lies behind the Morris Dance tune Kemp's Jig.

041 - June 2009 - The Summer Sizzler

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It's the Summer Sizzler - a solid slab of fab summery tunes to burn to CD or play on your iPod ... all summer long! We play more music from old friends and find new music by new guests.
Music comes from: Andi Neate - John Scullion - Butch Baldassari & David Schnaufer - Noah Zacharin - Erick Turnbull - Dr Robert - The Snake, The Cross, The Crown - Sean Rowe - Dave Gleeson - Kiss The Mistress - Mark Shillaker - Jonathan Croose - Al Petteway - John Connolly - Tom Taylor - Damh The Bard - Maggie Sansone - The Kittiwakes - The QP - The Demon Barbers - Jody McKenna - Iona Leigh - John Statz.

040 - May 2009

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Phil's flying solo this month, but there is still the usual mix of great music and special items. Music this month comes from Ella Edmondson - The Biblecode Sundays - Steve Knightley - Adam Balbo - John McNair - No Fixed Abode - Bob Fox - Hallelujah Chicken Run Band - The McDades - John Dory - Damien Barber & Mike Wilson - Craig D'Andrea. Our folk poet Dave Alton tells the tale of Bringing The Tide To Morpeth, accompanied by Italian guitarist Pino Forastiere, and Babba tells the story behind the song of The Plains Of Waterloo.

039 - April 2009

Listen to FolkCast 039 - April 09

Ken makes a triumphant return and we've also got a new member of the Cast - our Folk Laureate Dave Aston. There's music from Kiss The Mistress - Simon Todd - thefancydressparty - Tom Biller - Graham Holland - Wheeler Street - Jacanda - The QP - Philip Butler - Jon Boden - Stephen Fearing. And this month's Story Behind The Song is the history of The Flowers Of The Forest, told as even by Babba.

038 - March 2009

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Ken's still away, so with Phil this month is his wife Jo, who sits in as guest presenter. We've music from - Mark Shillaker - Marc Filmer - Chris & Siobhan Nelson - Iona Leigh - Felix Fables - Noah Zacharin - Rockridge Brothers - Josiah Altschuler - Mariel Trimaglio - Kathryn Tickell - Megson - The Snake The Cross The Crown - The Two Sisters - Da Camara - Finbar Furey. And Babba tells the amazing story of General George Monck, the man who inspired the Morris tune, General Monck's March.

037 - February 2009 - Comedy Edition

Listen to 037

Ken's away on tour, and the Story Behind The Song crew have all rung in sick, so that just leaves Phil. To cheer himself up, he delves into his record collection to produce a show full of comedy songs and novelty numbers, with a few quality instrumentals to break up the laughs. Music from - The Houghton Weavers - The Lancashire Hotpots - Bernard Wrigley - The Ian McMillan Orchestra - Tom Paxton - David Ippolito - Big Al Whittle - Graham Holland - Bill Furner - Robin Bullock - Bill Bates - Les Barker - John Conolly - Ashley Hutchings - Jez Lowe - Show Of Hands - Ken Nicol - Phil Cool - Phillip Hartley - The Rawmarsh Mashers.

Interview Special
Ashley Hutchings - My Land Is Your Land

Listen to FolkCast Interview 04 - Ashley Hutchings/My Land Is Your Land

Ashley Hutchings is in the studio to talk about his latest album project, My Land Is Your Land, which is a co-production with Italian songwriter Ernesto de Pascale.

036 - January 2009

Listen to 036

Lots of new music, including songs and tunes from: Malinky - Natalie Bays - Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts - Noah Zacharin - John Dossi - Steve Freeman - Sambistas - Aidan O'Rourke - Kris Drever - Drever, McCusker, Woomble - The Chair - Jo Hamilton - John Tams. And Babba unveils the true history behind the nursery rhyme London Bridge Is Falling Down.


Festive Selection Box 2008

Listen to Selection Box 2008

Seasonal songs, tunes and readings in a hand-picked mix of some of the very best alternative music for the Christmas period. Music from: The Christmas Revels - Al Pettaway and Amy White - Lee Harris And Country Sunshine - Blitzen Trapper - Ian Whitcomb - Bill Kahler - Chris Goddard - Doug Astrop - Kitka - Pittsburgh Symphony Brass - The Tequila Mockingbirds - Jars Of Clay - Jennifer Avalon - Al Stravinsky - Simon Bernard-Smith - Maeron English Folk Music - Damh The Bard - The Klezmatics - Chris and Siobhan Nelson - James Edwards - Helene Blum - Mike Fred - Howell-Freundlich Orchestra - Neil Murray - Martin Sexton - Ken Nicol.

035 - December 2008

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Our end-of-year review with new songs from some of our favourite artists featured on FolkCast in 2008 - Paul Liddell - The Duncan McFarlane Band - Phonix - Ian McKone - Nick Cook - Ruth Theodore - Steve Tilston - Andy Mullen - Jackie Oates - Red Ruth - Fotheringay. Plus listeners' feedback and Babba stripping the skins from the musical onion that is Auld Lang Syne.

034 - November 2008


Female vocalists are to the fore this month, with music from Ani DiFranco - Chris While and Julie Matthews - Jo Freya - Catherine MacLellan - The Maerlock - Fotheringay and Patrice O'Neill. Plus songs from the chaps, too: The John Henrys - Robin Tymm - The Buena Vista Social Club - Nicol & Cool - Al Petteway. And Babba tells the gruesome story behind the broadside ballad The Murder Of Maria Marten.

033 - October 2008

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A stack of new releases, tour news and Babba tells the history of Australian anti-hero Ned Kelly. Music from: Dave Pegg and PJ Wright - Steve Tilston - Black Rat - Broken Poets - Bellowhead - Red Ruth - Genticorum - Bella Hardy - Mary Hampton - Kate Doubleday - Box Club - Zoe Conway - The Story.

Summer Sizzler 2008

Listen to the show

Music all the way with this collection of new-to-us songs from some of the great artists we have played on FolkCast over the past 12 months or so. Featuring: Kerfuffle - Leatherat - Mike Hanrahan - Here Be Dragons - Nuada - Steve Gifford - Steve Robinson - Dahm The Bard - The Wyrd Sisters - Patrick Briscoe - Chris Millington - Jon London - Jez Lowe - 1549 - Jackie Oates - Eliza Carthy - Ralf Weirauch - Malthouse Passage - Andy Mullen - 3 Daft Monkeys.

032 - August 2008

Part One Listen to FolkCast 031

Part One of an extended edition features news of Steeleye Span's tour plans for next year, and music from - The Simon Hopper Band - The Demon Barbers - Aiden Jolly - Ruth Theodore - The Parson Red Heads - Peter Bradley Adams - Jim Averitt - Embertime - Andy Patterson.

Part Two features Babba with The Story Behind The Song of Bedlam Boys, and music from - Zywiolak - Chris Hardy - Hilary James - Corrina Hewat - Mike Silver.

Part Two
Listen to FolkCast 031

031 - July 2008

Listen to FolkCast 031

In a tribute show to Woven Wheat Whispers (RIP), Jo joins Phil to present music from: The Horses Of The Gods - Steve Tilston - Reg Meuross - Lisa Redford - The Purple Minds Of Lazeron - Dave Malloy - Marie Crehan - Sharron Shannon & Steve Earle - Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer - Comrade Down - Steve O'Connor - Show Of Hands - The Story. Babba examines the true history of the naval Press Gang in the Story Behind The Song for All Things Are Quite Silent.

030 - June 2008


Music from: Telling The Bees - Black Fortress Of Opium - Blackheart - John Haydon - Andy Mullen - Eliza Carthy - One More Grain - Eduard Iniesta - Lizzie Nunnery - Lawn Jockey - Steamchicken - The Duncan McFarlane Band. Babba reveals the myth and magic behind The Blacksmith, and Phil opens his Folk Files.

029 - May 2008


Music from: Plunkett Stormy Mondays - Twelve Thousand Days - Temple Music - Kiss The Mistress - Trouble At'Mill - Zoox - The Albion Band - The Battlefield Band - Kila - Tanglefoot - Jahrtal - Phillip Hartley - Scullion John - SixPeopleAway. The subject of the Story Behind The Song is Transporation to Australia in The Black Velvet Band.

028 - April 2008

Listen 028 - April 2008

Music from: Bruce Shimabukuru - Yve And Devora - Jackie Oates - Ceca - Nick Cook - Phil James - David Wilcox - Nelsons Wake - Chumbawamba - Rob St John - KC Mackenzie - Ralf Weihrauch - Damh The Bard. Babba reveals the tale of crime and punishment that created "Van Diemen's Land" in The Story Behind The Song.

027 - March 2008


Music from John Parkes - Tom Palmer - Enter The Haggis - Mark Ellis - Matt Stephens - Singladies - Ken Nicol - Steeleye Span - Paul Howard - Ray Bradfield - The Kittiwakes - The Left Outsides. Babba reveals the twisted royal bloodline behind Sir Patrick Spens in The Story Behind The Song.

026 - February 2008

Listen 026 - Feb 2008

Music from The Levellers - 3 Daft Monkeys - Ian McKone - Brian Mazzaferri - Alan Prosser - Magicfolk - Malthouse Passage - Marianne Segal featuring Circulus - Pig's Ear - Neal Hellman and Friends - Cruel Folk - Nick Cook - Gary Stewart Band - Starless & Bible Black. We sail down to Old Maui with Babba in The Story Behind The Song.

025 - January 2008

Listen to FolkCast 025

New music from Kerfuffle - Nuada - Paul Liddell - Mieka Pauley - Phonix - The Mountain Firework Company - The Gala Band - Robin Allender - Andy McKee - James Dewdney - Abra Moore - Caroline Lavelle - Alistair Christl - The Duncan McFarlane Band. Babba tells the story behind Parcel Of Rogues, and there is a chance to win CDs from Dreamboat Records.


FolkCast Festive Selection Box 2007

Listen to Selection Box 2007

No talk, just music. A journey through mid-Winter into Yule, Christmas and New Year, ending with a look to the far distant summer.
Featuring: Pig's Ear- Chris and Siobhan Nelson - Venereum Arvum - Philip G. Martin - Stonefield Tramp - Bernie Stocks - Christian Hoffman - Dahm The Bard - Pumajaw - Steeleye Span - The Numbskulz - The Bully Wee Band - Songs From The Blue House - Craig Cardiff - Erik Darling - Hank Stone - Lee Rosemere - Jim Goodrich - The Moonrakers - Ken Nicol - Rachel & John Bowyer - Flowman - The Volume Brothers - Magpie Lane - Abbie Lathe - Pig's Ear - Tracy Jane Comer -The Owl Service - Show Of Hands

Mother Of All Morris
with Ashley Hutchings


We talk to Ashley Hutchings about the release of the latest - and last - of the Morris On albums, The Mother Of All Morris. And there's lots of music from the album, too.
Featuring: The Morris On Band - Chris Leslie - Ruth Angel - The Gloworms - Jim Causley - Ken Nicol

024 - December 2007


An end of year review with new songs from some of our favourite artists featured on FolkCast since January - Charlotte Kendrick - Debbie Cassell - Rev Hammer - Lau - Naughty Jack - Jon London - Oysterband - Dahm The Bard - Leatherat - Silver Dogs - Steve Knightley - Nick Cook - Sarah McQuaid. Plus, there's a festive special song from Babba, and we end with music from The Morris On Band.

023 - November 2007


Music from: Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer - Vequinox - Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll - The Gala Band - Eoghan Coglan - Abbie Lathe - Chris Millington - Andy Whittle - Luka Bloom - Martyn Joseph - The Owl Service - The Imagined Village - Dyonisis.
Babba examines Green Grow The Rushes, O.

Interview Special with
Abbie Lathe


Interview with singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singing teacher Abbie Lathe, featuring songs from her latest album, Low Summer.

022 - October 2007
featuring interview with Ernesto de Pascale


We talk to Italian musician Ernesto de Pascale about his new album, Morning Manic Music, and hear songs from the record. Babba reveals the astonishing story of John Churchill, better known as Lord Marlborough, in The Story Behind The Song, and there's music from Kate Bramley - Jez Lowe - Songs From The Blue House - Marina Florence - Paolo Giorgi - Mike Hanrahan - 3 Daft Monkeys.

021 - September 2007
featuring Interview with Chopper from Oysterband


We talk to Chopper from Oysterband and play music from their latest studio album, Meet You There. Babba raises a glass of ale to John Barleycorn in The Story Behind The Song, and there's music from Nick Cook - Legendary Ten Seconds - Jon Croose - Charlotte Kendrick - The Stanley Brothers - Martin Ansell - Round Mountain -The Clap - Leatherat.

020 - August 2007
featuring Mark Coyle of Woven Wheat Whispers interview


We talk to Mark Coyle of Woven Wheat Whispers about the new compilation of "Dark British Folk": John Barleycorn Reborn. Babba goes to sea to tell The Story Behind... The Mary Stanford Of Rye. Music from: Faith, Folk & Anarchy - Jenna - John Statz - The Owl Service - Sharron Kraus - Tinkerscuss - Drohn - The Story - Phil Hare - Sarah McQuaid - Meet On The Ledge.

FolkCast Interview Special - Maddy Prior - July 2007


The full version of our exclusive interview with folk goddess Maddy Prior. No music.

019 - July 2007 including Maddy Prior interview excerpt


We talk exclusively with Maddy Prior about her career and the new Spanfest event at the end of this month. Babba goes back down the pit to report on the tragic history of The Blantyre Explosion, Phil opens his Folk Files to reveal what's new in the shops, on the stage, and online, and there's our usual selection of handpicked music, which this month comes from: Lau - Navan - The Men They Couldn't Hang - Swill And The Swaggerband - Benita Johnson - Exelby - Maddy Prior and Steeleye Span - Jon Redfern - Heavy Mellow - Peatbog Faeries - 1549 - Naughty Jack.

018 - June 2007


Babba digs up the history of the Blackleg Miner in The Story Behind The Song, there's details of next month's Spanfest and Phil opens the Folk Files to see what's coming soon in the record stores. Music from - Kris Drever - Steve Knightley - Seth Glier - The School Of Trobar - Wizz Jones - Maddy Prior & Simon Friend - Daniel Patrick Quinn - John MacRae - Maria Daines - Derek Clegg - Sand Snowman - Steve Tilston - Gordon Scott - Dahm The Bard.

017 - May 2007


Phil and Ken welcome the summer with a musical journey through the seasons, Babba discovers the history of Trelawny in The Story Behind The Song, and there is Feedback from listeners from around the world. Music from - Puzzlejug - Fairport Convention - Paul Castle - JD and The Longfellows - Causeway - Blackwaterfoot - Robert Bray - Dark Captain Light Captain - Andy Clarke - The Horses Of The Gods - Matthew Boyle - Black Rat - Jon London.

016 - April 2007


Solid entertainment with music from Leatherat - Bleeding Hearts - Silver Dogs - David Kilpatrick - Andy McKee - Debbie Cassell - Wistman's Wood - Megson - Ceili Moss - Luigi Cappel - Carolyn Anona Scott - Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts - Feast Of Fiddles - Show Of Hands. Babba examines The Banks Of Claudy to find The Story Behind The Song, and Phil highlights some of the many folk festivals happening around the UK this year.

015 - March 2007 - Part 1

015 - March 2007 - Part 2

Part 0ne Listen
Part Two

In a bumper edition of FolkCast we bring you top quality new music from the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots, Ken takes us into his Guitar Workshop to show us how to do finger exercises to improve playing technique, and Babba delves into the bawdy history behind the folk song Cam Ye O'er Frae France. In fact, the show is so full of great things we have split it into two parts, so make sure you get both downloads.

Featuring: Oliver Paine - Will Derryberry - Alun Parry - Biltone - Charlie Roby - Andreas Aase - Damh The Bard - Sand Snowman - The Joy Of Nature - Harmony Glen - Doolin - Dave Pegg & PJ Wright - Fairport Convention - Singladies - divineMAGgees

014 - February 2007
featuring Ashley Hutchings Interview part 2


Part two of the Ashley Hutchings interview. Music from Iona - Kira - Nick Cook - Patrick Briscoe - The Wyrd Sisters - The Rainbow Chasers - The Albion Band - The Morris On Band - Plunkett - The Goodbye Plot. Babba's Story Behind The Song uncovers the amazing history of Lord Franklin.

013 - January 2007
featuring Ashley Hutchings Interview part 1


Part one of our interview with Ashley Hutchings. Music from Dust Rhinos - Scotland Barr And The Slow Drags - Peter London - The Owl Service - Pete Barrett - The Wailin' Jennys - Railroad Earth - Don Ross - Daughters Of Elvin - Pipe Major Roderick Deans - Commander Kean - Amy Martin - The Albion Band. Plus the final instalment of Babba's FolkNotes Calendar.


012 - Festive FolkCast - December 2006

Full Show
Listen to Selection Box 2006
Christmas Section Only

This month we present songs and tunes by: Never Mind The Bocs - Winter Flowers - David Stevenson and Nigel Hobbins, and all our regular features... Babba's FolkNotes Calendar examines the folk traditions of December and the midwinter festivals, and in Ken's Guitar Workshop we discover the one thing that has revolutionised Chris Whiles playing.

Then, to brighten any year end celebration, we present the Festive FolkCast - no talk from us, just great music from Puzzlejug - The Hipcola - Dan Edwards - 3 Blind Mice - Pete Dodds - Clive Gregson - Steve Tilston and Maggie Boyle - The Christmas Jug Band - Gary - gidgets ga ga - The Albion Band ... and something saucy and spicy from Big Al Whittle
(Warning - contains rude words! Adult listening only!)

011 - November 2006 featuring Bob Fox Interview


Interview with Bob Fox. Songs and tunes from David Gunn - Sarah Aubrey - Linda Coogan - Bob Fox - Jordan Ogg - John Meed - Ian Cutler - Mark Clinton - Never Mind The Bocs - Minnie Moosika. Plus a FolkCast exclusive first play from Steeleye Span's new album!
Babba's FolkNotes Calendar examines the folk traditions for the month of November and in Ken's Guitar Workshop we learn a little of the mysteries of different tunings.

010 - October 2006
featuring Chris While Interview


Interview with Chris While. Plus, Ken talks to luthier Roger Bucknall about setting up a guitar for easiest playing. Win a copy of Ralph McTell's new album. Babba's FolkNotes Calendar for Halloween. Music from Chris While & Julie Matthews - Black Rat - Pavlov's Cat - Ralph McTell - Graham Bellinger - Caroline Lavelle - Piefinger - Shira Kammen and Andy Smyth.

009 - September 2006


Songs and tunes from Mary Jane - Last Fair Deal - Chris Millington - The Runaway Days - Show Of Hands - The Undercover Hippy - Ian Knapp - Trebuchet - Heavy Mellow - Serious Kitchen - The Demon Barbers - Makar. Plus Babba's FolkNotes Calendar, Ken's Guitar Bit and listener feedback. Also features the most dangeroustest song in the world!

008 - August 2006


Songs and tunes from: The Legendary Ten Seconds - Robin Tymm - Bill Furner - Veda Park - Adam Boucher - Kirsty McGee - Amanda Sykes - Reg Meuross - Serious Kitchen - Heavy Mellow - Daniel Patrick Quinn - Steeleye Span - Ian Cutler - wRants - Caroline Lavelle - Chris & Siobhan Nelson - Bob Kirkpatrick - Peter Rooney - Cunnan
Plus Babba's FolkNotes Calendar and listener feedback

007 - July 2006


This month there is a chance to win one of three, free downloads of the album Enter The Woods by folk-rock bards Minstrel Spirit. Find out what happens when resident folklore guru Babba puts up the glove to get into the summer fair spirit, give us your opinion on our finger in ear logo via our feedback section ... and as ever we bring you loads of first rate music.
Featuring: The Cluster Of Nuts Band - Martha Tilston & The Woods - Monique Rhodes - Joe Holtaway - Lee Mitchell - Jeweller's Eye - Minstrel Spirit - Shira Kammen - John Bowyer -
Steve Robinson - Bill deRome

006 - June 2006
featuring PJ Wright Interview


We talk to Little Johnny England frontman PJ Wright as he prepares to go on tour with Fairport Convention bassman Dave Pegg. Music from The Ronnie Wibbley Orchestra - Nigel Hobbins - Ian Hill - The Dust Poets - Boffius - John Meed - Jamelopoeia - Aff The Cuff. And there's Babba's Folk Notes Diary.

005 - May 2006 featuring Show Of Hands Interview


Show Of Hands talk about their stunning new album, Witness. There's also music from: Philip G. Martin - Pumajaw - The Flying Chaucers - Dulaman - Joe O'Connor - Thomas Bailey - Charlotte Grieg and Julian Hayman - Derek Brimstone. Plus Babba's bumper Folk Notes Calendar for the merry, merry month of May.

004 - April 2006 featuring Ralph McTell Interview


Ralph McTell in interview. There's also music from: Songs From The Blue House - The Dust Poets - Jim Fidler - Daniel Patrick Quinn - Silverheel - Spokers Loan - Paul Forrest - Adam Boucher - Stowefolk. Plus Babba's Folk Notes Calendar for April. Please note: this is an edited version of the original show, with Ralph McTell's music removed, at his request. As a result, timings given in the shownotes after the interview are not accurate.

003 - March 2006
featuring Steve Ashley and Ian Anderson Interviews


Steve Ashley in interview. Ian Anderson in interview. March's Folk Notes Calendar from Babba. Music from: Joe O'Connor - The Mountain Firework Company - The Morris On Band - Dik Cadbury - Silverwheel - Audio Circus.

002 - February 2006
Fairport Convention Interview


Simon Nicol in interview. February's Folk Notes Calendar from Babba.
Music from: Penda's Fen -Tracy Jane Comer - Dave Gibb - The Hosepipe Band - Eleanor's Visceral Tomb - Dorian - Fairport Convention - Emme Packer - Dropkick - Steve Robinson.

001 - January 2006
featuring Ken Nicol Interview


Ken Nicol in interview, playing solo and with Chris While, Ashley Hutchings, Pete Marsh and Steeleye Span.
Music from: Big Al Whittle - 3 Blind Mice - Silverwheel - Jim Fidler - Skip.

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