FolkCast Selection Box 2015
Running time: 1hr18min

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The FolkCast Festive Selection Box - bursting with good things for the season of Christmas,
Yule and Saturnalia, with specially selected music and readings. Beware the Abbot of Unreason!

Produced and presented by
Folkie Phil Widdows
featuring Babba

The Festive Programme:

"What's in the shed?" featuring Phil & Babba

Sentimental Song by Reid Jamieson
from the album "Songs For A Winter's Night" (2012)

Fairytale Of New York by Christy Moore
from the album "Live At The Point" (1994)

All I Want For Christmas Is My Upper Plate by Homer & Jethro
Single Release (1953)

Christmas In Bed by Terence Blacker
from the album "Lovely Little Games" (2012)

Frost On The Gatepost (Instrumental) by Whapweasel
from the album "Skirl Naked" (1998)

with excerpts from "Christmas": A Dictionary Of English Folklore by Jacqueline Simpson and Steve Roud (2000)

"Christmas Is Coming..." by Dominic Behan
from the album "The Singing Streets" (1958)

 Deck The Halls by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer
from the album "A Sound Of Christmas Past" (2014)

Babba's Bad Christmas (part one)

Snow on Snow (The Bleak Midwinter) by Rue Royale
from "Christmas EP 2009/2010"

Old December by Thea Gilmore
from the album "Strange Communion" (2009)

Santa Will Find You by Phil Cunningham's Christmas Songbook (vocals: Eddi Reader)
from the album "Phil Cunningham's Songbook" (2015)

"Over the housetops and through the snow..."
from the animated film "Merry Christmas" (1950)

Silver Bells by Lorrie Newman Keating
from the EP "Memories Of The Season" (2015)

Dear Santa by Mike Reinstein and the Christmas Daysies
from the EP "Dear Santa" (2015)

Babba's Bad Christmas (part two)

The Boar's Head Carol by The Voice Squad
from the album "Concerning Of Three Young Men" (2014)

Festival Of Lights by Under A Banner
from the album "Close To The Clouds" (2014)

Phil is confronted by Babba's "Reindeer"....

Christmas Is Killing Me by 100 Mile House
from the EP "New Year" (2011)

Jingle Bells by River Whyless
Single release (2014)

Babba's Bad Christmas (part three)

Solstice Carol by Catt Kingsgrave
Digital release (2015)

Carol Of The Bells by The Last Bison
from the EP "Sleigh Ride" (2013)

Through Your Eyes On Christmas Eve by Abney Park
from the album "Through Your Eyes On Christmas Eve" (2012)

Gaudete E Personent Hodie by Angelo Branduardi
from the album "Futuro Antico I" (1996)

River by Kirsty Almeida
Digital release (2015)

Excerpt from "The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding And Other Stories"
By Agatha Christie, read by Hugh Fraser

The Winter Wind by Marina Florence
Single Release (2015)

Three Boats by Commoners Choir
Digital release (2015)

Santa, Teach The World To Fly by Skinner & T'witch
Single release (2015)

When Christmas Day Is Near by Ange Hardy
From the EP "When Christmas Day Is Near" (2015)

A Dram To Warm The Piper by Danny Carnahan and Robin Petrie
from the album "Journeys To The Heart" (1984)

Phil & Babba discover Santa's secret identity...

  Merry Christmas from Everyone at FolkCast 

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