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March Into May 2016: A Podcast all about the season of Spring!

FolkCast's fourth annual celebration of Spring.

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Running time: 1hr18min
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Presented and produced
Phil Widdows

It's Spring Again by Arthur Askey
from the album "Hello Playmates" (2006)
Gloomy Winter's Now Away
by Spoil The Dance
from the album "Northern Commons" (2015)
Spring 1919 by Coope Boyes & Simpson
from the album "As If…" (2010)
"On Tower Hill beside All Hallows Church, members of the Groves of the Ancient Druid Order celebrate the 'Spring Equinox' (when Spring breathes new life into the dead Winter and barren earth becomes green again)..."
Newsreel (1973)
The Return Of The Sun by Kellianna
from the album "Lady Moon" (2004)
The Shepperd: III. March by Margaret Buckle
(read by Niamh Cusack)
from the album "Summer's End: The Poems of Margaret Buckle with music by Edward Watson" (2009)
So Early In The Spring by Mark Owen Music
Digital Release (2014)

Boing by Mike Reinstein
from the album "The Tommy Tomato Songbook" (2005)
Springtime Sunshine by Green Genes
from the album "Green Genes" (2010)
"Let us to the open road, where every aspect pleases..."
"Silly Springtime Poem" (1938)
Your Man by The Knights Of Mentis
from the album "New Pound Coin" (2013)
"The Origins Of All Fools' Day"
from the book "The Twelve Months Of The Year" (published 1980)
Music: April Fool by John Kirkpatrick
from the album "The Duck Race" (2004)
'Twas On One April's Morning by Show Of Hands
from the album "The Long Way Home" (2016)
Dark Swift And Bright Swallow by Andy Cutting, Nancy Kerr & Martin Simpson
from the album “Murmers” (2015)
So Much Rain by Sarah McQuaid
from the album "The Plum Tree And The Rose" (2012)
Pussywillows Cattails by Kenny Rankin
from the album "Silver Morning" (1974)
"Spring is sprung, grass iz rizz. I wonder where dem boidies is?
Ah! The boid is on the wing! But isn't dat absoid? I thought the wing is on da boid..."
Cuckoo by Christof
from the EP "Springtime" (2010)
Singing In the May by Mike O’Connor
from the album "Summon Up The Song" (2010)
Hal-an-Tow by The Changing Room
from the album "Behind The Lace" (2015)
Fort Lauderdale College Spring Break
1967 newsreel (Part I) - Video
Hunt The Hare (Part II) by Lisa Knapp
from the album "Hidden Seam" (2013)
It's Saturday morning in Springfield...
from "Father Knows Best: Spring Cleaning", NBC radio (1954)
Hear the show
The Pleasant Month Of May by Jackie Oates
from the album "Hyperboreans" (2009)
Fort Lauderdale College Spring Break
1967 newsreel (Part II) - Video
Dandelions And Foxgloves by Becky Mills
from the album "Dandelion" (2013)
Blow The Windy Morning by Faustus
from the album "Broken Down Gentlemen" (2013)
When The Summer Comes Again by Hilary James & Simon Mayor
from the album "The Mandolin Album" (1990)
Spring by Fabian Holland
from the album "A Day Like Tomorrow" (2015)
Spring Song by Charlie Chaplin
from the film "Limelight" (1952)

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