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FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol

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FolkCast: the podcast that brings you the worlds of
folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music.

Attention class! We're going on a world trip, taking in England, Scotland, Ireland, America, Australia, Spain and Germany.
All aboard the FolkCast executive jet ... and don't forget to bring a packed lunch (hic!).

FolkCast is produced and presented by
Folkie Phil Widdows

Music featured:

We Need Each Other Now
by Merry Hell
from the forthcoming album “Bloodlines” (2016)

Here We Go Again
by Broom Bezzums
from the album “No Smaller Than The World” (2016)

The Iron Crown
by The Gathering Tide
from the forthcoming album “The Gathering Tide” (2016)

Sands Of Time
by Nigel Brown
from the album “Shadows Tall” (2016)

Do Anything
by Jake Thomas Turnbull
single release (2016)

Nighean Nan Geug
by Kaela Rowan
from the album “The Fruited Thorn” (2016)

by Ross & Ali
from the album “Symbiosis” (September 2016)

Going North

by Dana & Susan Robinson
from the album “The Angel’s Share” (2016)

Refugee Song
by Hannah James
from the album “Jigdoll” (2016)

Babba presents...
The Story Behind The Song

The Silver Duro by Na-MaRa
from the album “Navajos & Pirates” (2015)
...being the story of the Basque child refugees from the Spanish Civil War

A Promised Land
by Hugh Doolan
from the album “A Promised Land” (2016)

Greasy Coat
by New Road
from the album “Stone Walls & Street Lights” (2016)

I Wash Myself With A Rag On A Stick
by Kieran Towers & Charlotte Carrivick
from the album “Wolves A’Howlin’” (2016)

It’s All Downhill From Here
by The Changing Room
from the album “Picking Up The Pieces” (2016)

Bottoms Up!
"See me later, Jugband..."

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