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FolkCast 120 - July 2016
Running time: 1hr18min

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FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol

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FolkCast: the podcast that brings you the worlds of
folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music.

Out of the tangled mess of politics and world events we present an entertaining mix of music and chat.
There's a focus on 'folk concept albums' and 'folk-influenced projects'. We hear from Ken Nicol about his new 'super group'.
We dance with the Devil. And we meet 'the King of the 'Draulicers' in his mansion on the crag.

FolkCast is produced and presented by
'Folkie' Phil Widdows

Music featured:

This Is Why We Drink
by Danielle French
from the album “Miss Scarlett And The Madmen” (2016)

The Blantyre Explosion
by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer
from the album “Paper Of Pins” (2016)

Sutherland Rag
by David J Kelly
from the album “Man And Mountain” (2015)

by Ian Roland and Simon Yapp
from the album “Suitcase” (2016)

Lord Gregory

by Kaela Rowan
from the album “The Fruited Thorn” (2016)

Into the Green, Pt. I: The Enchanted Wood
by Joshua Burnell
from the album “Into The Green” (2016)

Ken Nicol Interview (Part 2)
Ken Nicol's Website
Details of first Kemp-Nicol-Burgess gig

Fight The Devil

by Pagan Harvest
from the album “Pagan Harvest” (2016)

The Devil And The Farmer’s Wife
by The Georgia Shackleton Trio
from the album “The Dog Who Would Not Be Washed” (2016)

by The Amazing Devil
from the album “Love Run” (2016)

Charlie Chaplin
by Harp And A Monkey
from the album “War Stories” (2016)

Babba presents...

Up On Cragside
by Blair Dunlop
from the album "Gilded" (2016)
Sir William Armstrong  Cragside
...being the story of Baron Sir William Armstrong,
the Wizard of the North and the "King Of The ‘Draulicers".

The National Trust's Cragside page

by Ailm
from the album “Ailm” (2016)

We Are The Foxes
by The Bookshop Band
from the album “We Are The Foxes” (2016)

Fergus Laing
by Richard Thompson
from the album “Still (Deluxe Edition)” (2015)

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