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FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol

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FolkCast - the podcast that brings you the latest sounds from the worlds of folk,
folk-rock, singer-songwriter and other roots-type musical genres.

FolkCast is produced and presented by
Folkie Phil Widdows

Music featured:

Wake The Dead by Joe Innes & The Cavalcade
from the album "Folkroom Presents Anthology Three" (2015)

Fire by King Eider
single (released February 23rd 2015)

The Farmer's Bride by Jemima Farey

Susie by Gareth Lee and Annie Baylis
from the EP "A Little Light" (2014)

Wreckers by The Changing Room
single (2015)

Jackdaw Rising and
Yellowstone by Sarah McQuaid
from the album "Walking Into White" (2015)

Scottish Reels by Ian Carmichael
from the album "Ten Years On" (2015)

Francie Manus Byrne's/Bill The Weaver's by Skipper's Alley
from the album "Skipper's Alley" (2015)

Fast Dance by Tom Kitching
from the album "Interloper" (March 2015)

Grim And Grimy Folk

Six Dukes
by Mishaped Pearls
from the album "Thamesis" (2014)

Babba presents
The Story Behind The Song

Being the story of a mystery woman. A princess? A queen? Or an imposter?
Queen Caraboo by Martin & Eliza Carthy

from the album The Moral Of The Elephant (2014)

- and -

Princess Caraboo by Freshly Ground
from the album The Red Earth (2013)
Check out the musings of Babba at his Blog

My Friends Are Rich by India Electric Co.
from the album "The Girl I Left Behind Me" (March 2015)

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