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FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol

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FolkCast is produced and presented by
Phil Widdows

FolkCast - the podcast that brings you the latest sounds from the worlds of folk,
folk-rock, singer-songwriter and other roots-type musical genres.

Music featured:

Three Sailors by Heg & The Wolf Chorus
from the EP "A Tale Of Sailors"

Lazarus Dance by Jez Lowe
from the album "The Ballad Beyond"

The Shaming Of Agnes Leman by The Familiars
from the album "Martyred Hearts"

The Rise And The Fall
by Iain Till
from the EP "The Rise And The Fall"

Carry The Fire by Jeremy Tuplin
from the EP "Carry The Fire"

For The Love Of A Lady by Norm Straus
from the album "The Color Of Everything"

Spellbound Or Hellbound by Any O'Neill & CeeCee
from the album "Admissions"

Mr Senator by Ryan Fox
Single release

Trading In Futures
by Until The Bird
from the album "Pale Clouded Yellow"

Babba presents...
"Father Christmas versus Santa Claus"

Does FC=Santa? Does Santa=FC? Was Santa turned red by a soft drinks company?
Find out in this fascinating and amusing look at the roots, history and distinct character of the men who put the "Ho Ho Ho" into the Ho-Ho-Ho-lidays!
including music by
Diana Ross & The Supremes - Greg Lake - Houghton Weavers - Kludo White - Lord Weatherby - Jon Lajole

Old Father Christmas  Vs Santa Claus

The Cafe Song by Pete Morton
from the album "Economy"

Just The One by The Levellers and Bellowhead
from the album "Just The One"

Sleeping In The Gutter by The Blue Pig Orchestra
from the album "From The Storm"

Drink Up & Go by Heed The Thunder
from the album "Cokaigne"

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