FolkCast 097 - June 2014
Running time: 1hr18min

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Come with us on a journey studded with audio illusions:
Americana that's not from America...
A strange hunting accident in which the victim's ghost appears as a witness for the defence...
Romans from Croatia in the Lake District...
Three songs with no words...
Blood in the kitchen, blood in the hall...
And we march from the Highlands in the company of Bonnie Prince Charlie to hear a song that's all about him, but not in favour of him...
All this and more in a mind-expanding edition of ... FolkCast!

The best in folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music
from the UK and around the world

FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
Your host is Phil Widdows

Music featured:

The Devil's Backbone by The Knights Of Mentis
from the album "New Pound Coin"

Take Me For A Ride
by Wood, Wire and Words
from the album "Riding The Rails"

by Mishaped Pearls
from the album "Thamesis"

Vankarin Polska / Shotgun
by Bright Season
from the album "Bright Season"

Come What May
by Clutching At Straws
from the album "Come What May"

The Sea
by Ninebarrow
from the album "When The Blackthorn Burns"

First Europeans
by Rainbow Chasers
from the album "Chimes At Midnight"

Rolling Down This Roman Road
by Steve Tilston
from the album "Such & Such"

Bulgarian Red
by Stooshie
from the album "Stydd"

by 3 Boxes
from the album "Strings Attached"

Fear of Askaval
by Damian Helliwell's Metta
from the album "Metta"

"Grim And Grimy Folk"

Long Lankin
by Blackbeard's Tea Party
from the album "Whip Jamboree"

Nominated by Almut Kuckelhaus

What's your nomination for the Grimmest, Grimiest folk song there ever was?
Let us know by
email and we could feature it in a future edition of FolkCast!

Long Lankin

Prince Charles Edward Stuart by William Mosman
Babba presents
The Story Behind The Song

A tale of tartan revolution, disillusion
and ridicule

Charlie Is My Darling
as sung by Eddi Reader
from the album
"Eddi Reader Sings the Songs of Robert Burns"

also featuring:
Clans by Ross Ainslie
Charlie Is My Darling by
The Band Of The Black Watch

God Save The Queen by Brian May

The Young Chevalier

Dusty Roads by Jon Budworth
from the EP "Trees Turn To Fire"

How High The Mountain
by George Boomsma
single release

On Periglis Sands
by The Rough Island Band
from the album "On All Sides"

Will Ye No Come Back Again? by Haddo
from the album "Borderlands"

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