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FolkCast 095 - April 2014

FolkCast 093 - February 2014
Running time: 1hr18min
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Politics leads to tickling, which leads to happiness. The break of day leads to a terrible mining disaster. We go to sea, meet three ghosts, are taken as slaves by moorish pirates and finally go cuckoo. It's all in this episode of FolkCast - the show that breaks the rules!

The best in folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music
from the UK and around the world

FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
Your host is Phil Widdows

Music featured:

The Journeyman by Pete Morton
from the album "The Frappin' And Ramblin' Pete Morton"

Socialism in Our Time by Sydney Carter
from the album "Anthems In Eden"

Joanne by House Of Hats
from the album "This Love"

Ribbons by The Jones Boys
from the album "Like the Sun a-Glittering"

I'm So Happy by Billy Brown

Sunrise Ride by Peter Lacey
from the album "Last Leaf"

The Coming Of The Day by Adrian Nation
from the album "Live at Crossroads"

"Grim And Grimy Folk"
Trimdon Grange by Martin Carthy
from the album "Sweet Wivelsfield"

What's your nomination for the Grimmest, Grimiest folk song ever?
Let us know by
email and we could feature it in a future edition of FolkCast!

Szanta Oliwska by Brasy
from the album "BrasyLive"

Soldiers Joy/Floating Candle/The Dutchess by Will Pound
from the album "A Cut Above"

The Aerial And Taeping by Hughie Jones
from the album "Maritime Miscellany"

The Lover's Ghost by Russell Cottier
from the EP "Byways"

Ghost At The Crossroads by Howlin' Luke Jackson
from the album "Fumes And Faith"

Miss Willmott's Ghost by Phillip Henry And Hannah Martin
from the album "Mynd"

Babba presents
The Story Behind The Song

Lily Of Barbary by Little Johnny England
from the album "Tournament Of Shadows"

The Cuckoo by DeMalebysse
from the album "Gazing Through Trees of Sorrow"

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