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FolkCast 091 - November 2013

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Running time: 1hr18min
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Delights, surprises and new releases from the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music,
plus a journey into the catastrophic past of Old London Town in The Story Behind The Song, telling the tale of The Fire Of '66.

FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
Your host is Phil Widdows


Steeleye Span: putting the rock into folk-rock

Annie Dressner

Annie Dressner: no hard feelings

Monster Ceilidh Band

Monster Ceilidh Band: putting the folk into electronic folk dance

Music featured:

Robbing On The Highway by James Bell
From the album "Joy & Jealousy"

Wintersmith by Steeleye Span
From the album "Wintersmith"

Katie Cruel by Salt House
From the album "Lay Your Dark Low"

Burnwood by Moonrakers
From the album "Silken Threads"

Eyes by Elliott Morris
From the EP "Shadows & Whispers"

The Heart Of It All by The Speedbumps
From the album "The Harbors We Seek"

Don't Feel The Same by Annie Dressner
Single release

Who Killed JFK? by Tommy Sands
Single release. Video

Kennedy And The Warren Commission by Bill Hicks

from the album "Salvation: Oxford November 11th 1992

New Deal by Gareth Davies-Jones
from the album "Now But Not Yet"

Alien Forces by Monster Ceilidh Band
from the album "Charge!"

Bushes And Briars by DJ Ualdemar
from the mix "One Day In Kashmir"

Babba presents
The Story Behind The Song
The destruction of the capital of England thanks to the carelessness of one baker...

The song:
The Fire Of '66 by Roy Mette

Great Fire Of London Golden Boy Of Pye Corner
The Great Fire
The Golden Boy of Pye Corner

Fly through the city as it was before the Great Fire (video)

I'm Going Now by Kevin Doherty
from the album "Seeing Things"

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