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FolkCast 088 - August 2013

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Running time: 1hr18min
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New sounds from the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music.

FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
Your host is Phil Widdows

Lucy Ward

Lucy Ward: new album has maturity, depth and real quality

Jet McDonald

Jet McDonald: Cycled from Bristol to India, wrote songs
along the way. Here he is in Iran.

The Bad Shepherds

The Bad Shepherds: only here for the Mud, Blood & Beer.
Photo by David Angel

Music featured:

The Last Pirouette by Lucy Ward
from the album "Single Flame"

Overcome/Override by The Freedom/Guilt Equation
from the album "Breathe"

Gazing At The Stars All Night by Chris Flegg
from the album "Gazing At The Stars All Night"

Forlorn Land by Ange Hardy
from the album "Bare Foot Folk"

Vagabonds And Rogues by Tess Of The Circle
from the album "Thorns"

You Are On Beach by One Mile An Hour
from the album "One Mile An Hour"

Lady Maisery by Lady Maisery
from the album "Mayday"

The Border by Gill Sandell
from the album "Light The Boats"

Bird Above Snake Below by Jet McDonald
from the album "Soft Soft Soft The Sparrow Sings"

Raggle Taggle Reggae by Celtic Reggae Revolution
from the album "Everything Comes To Those Who Wait"

Ducks on The Roof by Whalebone
from the album "Runes"

Afraid Of Death by Between The Wars
from the album "Won't Go Quietly"

The Story Behind The Song

The tale of King Richard III and Henry Tudor is told by Babba
featuring Richard Of York by Lord Zarquon and The Legendary Ten Seconds

Head Full Of Stars by Judy Dyble
from the album "Flow And Change"

Mud, Blood & Beer by The Bad Shepherds
from the album "Mud, Blood & Beer"

FolkCast 088 - August 2013

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