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FolkCast 031 - July 2008
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FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
Your hosts are Phil Widdows and Jo Widdows

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John Barleycorn by The Horses Of The Gods

The Horses Of the Gods

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A Pretty Penny by Steve Tilston

Ziggurat by Steve Tilston

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by Reg Meuross


Dragonfly by Lisa Redford



Dragonfly by The Purple Minds of Lazeron


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Mountains Of Mourne
by Dave Molloy

Mountains of Mourne

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Tumble Back The Years by Marie Crehan

Marie Crehan

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Galway Girl by Sharon Shannon and Steve Earle

The Galway Girl - The Best Of Sharon Shannon
from "The Galway Girl - The Best Of Sharon Shannon"
(Daisy / IRL)

More On This Album

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"Around The World in 80 Folks" - Sweden
Roses Three
by Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer

Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer

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Scotch Drink by Comrade Down


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Hail Caledonia by Steve O'Connor

Roll The Dice CD

More On This Album 

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The Story Behind The Song
All Things Are Quite Silent

All things are quite silent, each mortal at rest,
When me and my love got snug in one nest,
When a bold set of ruffians they entered our cave,
And they forced my dear jewel to plough the salt wave.

I begged hard for my sailor as though I begged for life.
They'd not listen to me although a fond wife,
Saying: "The king he wants sailors, to the sea he must go,"
And they've left me lamenting in sorrow and woe.

Through green fields and meadows we oft-times did walk,
And sweet conversation of love we have talked,
With the birds in the woodland so sweetly did sing,
And the lovely thrushes' voices made the valleys to ring.

Although my love's gone I will not be cast down.
Who knows but my sailor may once more retum?
And will make me amends for all trouble and strife,
And my true love and I might live happy for life.

The Press Gang

The Story is told by Babba
The Song is performed by Rachel & John Bowyer

01:07:15 to 01:13:01

The Blue Cockade by Show Of Hands

Show Of Hands - Tour of Topsham DVD

01:15:39 to 01:17:56

The Wicker Man by The Story

The Story

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