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A series of five special shows featuring interviews recorded at the Great British Folk Festival,
Butlin's Skegness, December 2012

Read all about it! Our review of the highlights of the weekend

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FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
Your host is Phil Widdows

Interviews with Ashley Hutchings, Simon Care and Blair Dunlop

Music featured:
Cuckoo's Nest by Morris On Band
Thieves Song by The Albion Band
Bags Outside The Door by Blair Dunlop
Blair Dunlop being interviewed

Interviews with Patsy Matheson and Gordon Giltrap

Music featured:
Hundred Guitars by Patsy Matheson
The Tallest Tree by O'Hooley & Tidow
Shining Morn by Gordon Giltrap
Following On by Gordon Giltrap & Ric Sanders

Patsy Matheson at GBFF12
Interviews with Roy Mette & Triangle
and GBFF compere Sue Marchant

Music featured:
Captain William Kidd - The Marshal's Dance (live)* - Blackbeard
by Roy Mette *with Triangle
The Castleford Ladies Magic Circle by Jake Thackray

Roy Mette and Triangle
Interviews with John Watterson (aka Fake Thackray) and Peter Knight

Music featured:
On Again, On Again (excerpt) by Fake Thackray
The Castleford Ladies Magic Circle by Fake Thackray
Picnic by Peter Knight's Gigspanner
Peter Knight


Interview with Phil Beer
of Show Of Hands

Music featured:
Longdog by Show Of Hands (from As You Were )

Thanks by Show Of Hands (from Wake The Union )

Show Of Hands 和ark Barton/FolkCast

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