We want to record a new album of original songs - ¦OK nothing new there but this time we need your support!

In order to finance the recording we need to raise some money so we are offering exclusive album packages to all our friends. Think of this as your chance to support the arts and have a bit of fun along the way.

We need to raise a target of £5400

That will allow us to produce an album of 12 professionally recorded songs with a full band sound, the album would be fully mastered and include an 8 page insert.

The working title of the album is “ dreaming and a schemingâ€

OK this is where you can help us

Firstly we are just looking for people to make a pledge, please have a look at the packages below and then email us before the 31st July at tonynfa@aol.com with the type of package you want (please use the Cotton, Linen, Silk and pre order album names) once we see that we are going to reach our total (or not) we will then let you know how to send in your pledge. Don’t worry if anything happens to you between pledging and when we ask for the money, we accept that things may change but by pledging we will get a good idea if we can reach our target.

We are trying to get the funding together by the end of August and we want to get the album released by the end of the year. We will stop accepting pledges at the end of July and we will ask people to honour there pledges in August. We will keep everyone who replies and participates up to date with how things are going via email.

Should we not get near or hit our target then we will understand that or music is just not what people want and without any support we would have to abandon the idea of the album, Of course we would release anyone who had pledged money from their pledge should this happen.

We are offering three exclusive packages (please note for non UK residence we will be able to accept payments please use currency converters against the sterling prices)

PACKAGE ONE (cotton)

1 A signed copy of the new album

2 Your name will be listed in the album insert as an executive producer along with all the others who

Support us.

3 A signed A4 picture

4 Copies of our two other albums Clearwater and Acoustic Attitude

5 a secret link to an exclusive thank you video

6 A secret link to listen to demo’s of the new songs

7 You will also be added to our roll of honour at our web site

This package will cost £45.00 ($70.00 Euros 55.00)


All of the above and a further 3 copies of the album and picture for you to share with friends (the album would make a great Xmas present) a DVD of our performance at Cromer folk festival and a letter of thanks from ourselves.

This package will cost £80.00 ($120.00 Euros95.00)


We are looking for some key sponsors this package is aimed at businesses that want to support our music, call it supporting the arts or even a tax write off!. Below is the package and we would be happy to negotiate if you are interested.

This package will consist of package two plus…..

1 15 signed copies of the new album (can be personalised for your customers)

2 Your company name (or logo) will be featured prominently in the album


3 15 A4 signed pictures (can be personalised for your customers)

4 5 Copies of our two other albums Clearwater and Acoustic Attitude

5 One free performance at any company function or a house concert (UK


This package is open to negotiation


We have just secured our first sponsorship deal!! Our thanks to Rodger Warren of Leadmills and Bottle Brook brewery tap based in Horsley Woodhouse for their generous offer. This is just the start we needed and we can not think of a better way to start our campaign than with a toast to Rodger and the team at Leadmills and bottle brook.

To rich for my blood but I would like to help

OK times are hard and we understand that even £45.00 is a lot of money to some people so In that case we are asking people to pre order their copies of the new album at a cost of £13.00 including post and packaging (non uk sales please email for relevant cost) Just email or call us register your pledge. Your name will also feature as a supporter on our main web site

If you are interested in any of the packages but have any questions please feel free to contact us either by email of call us on 01773540270 email tonynfa@aol.com

We also want to make clear that any money received will be spent making/marketing the album.

Finally should the album become a commercial success (as in we sell over 2500) we promise to refund all your money with some interest!! And everyone who made a pledge would be entered into a raffle and the winner will win a special price.

We will be putting a running pledge total on our web site www.freewebs.com/musicnfa on the page called new album maybe and we will update weekly on a Monday so please come and have a look. We would also encourage you to send this proposal to any of your friends who you think would be interested in helping an underdog!

Thank you for supporting us so far, we hope that you find this interesting and please hop on board the bus as it is going to be an interesting journey!

Una and Tony

Email tonynfa@aol.com

Tel 01773540270