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On FolkCast we regularly run a feature called “The Story Behind My Song”, and if you are a musician with a story to tell we’d like to invite you to record a spoken word introduction to one or more of your songs, to be included in the FolkCast podcast.

The Story Behind My Song is meant especially for songs based on true events from history or inspired by real characters or personal experiences. Songs can be new, original compositions or traditional songs where the story isn’t always obvious and may have got lost in the passing of time.

The feature allows artists to introduce their own music to our thousands of listeners (we call them "FolkCasters") all around the world, by telling them about the song they are about to hear: e.g. the historical tale that it records; the inspiration behind its writing; how you came upon it; where it was recorded; who plays on the record; or whatever story you wish to tell.

If you'd be interested in taking part, I need a short spoken word recording (maximum length of four minutes please!) for each suitable song on the album, and I suggest you start with this sort of thing:

"Hello FolkCasters, this is [speaker's name] from [band name], and here's a song from our new album, [album name], called [song title]..."

However, it's your introduction, so feel free to put your own personality into it!

  • You don't need to head back to the recording studio: spoken-word can be recorded well on any computer with a built-in microphone, or even on a smartphone using a "voice memo" app.
  • Make a few written notes to give yourself an idea of what you want to include.
  • Some people will find it simpler to improvise as they go along, others might prefer to write a script and simply read it (if you do, try not to sound as though you're reading a script).
  • Remember, you can stop and start again if you're not happy with the recording, or if you make a mistake, just pause, and start again.
  • Mistakes or fluffs can usually be easily fixed by me in the edit!
Once you've got the voice files, email them to me at this address and I'll dip into them as and when I can for future shows. I can't guarantee to use all of them, of course.

Want to hear an example? Click here!
I hope you can add your voice to FolkCast! Any queries, just get in touch.

All the best,
Folkie Phil


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