Seasonal Selection Box 2011

Every year FolkCast produces a special podcast, the Seasonal Selection Box - a hand-picked musical miscellany to provide an alternative to the usual, oh so predictable Christmas fayre. Now is your chance to add a plum to our pudding!

We want distinctive new songs for the season - winter, Christmas, Yule, the turning of the year. The music should be either self-penned or traditional, but we don't really want standard issue carols, which are just so ubiquitous. That's not to say we are against carols or religious music, but you'd need to do something new and fresh with them. Also, we don't want covers of festive pop hits or other 'known author' perennials.

So, if you're a musician, record label or publisher with some new, unusual or largely unheard seasonal songs or tunes in your archive, here's a chance to put them before an international audience of thousands. Or why not write and record something specially for us?

The Selection Box is a mix of music with no introductions or talk inbetween to disturb the mood, but we do also include recitations, poems and monologues on a seasonal theme. If you have written your own, or have a favourite classic -and can record it to MP3 - please send it along, too.


It's easiest to simply email MP3 tracks to us, and at the same time supply contact/website details for inclusion in our ShowNotes, so listeners can find out more about you. Details of other ways to get submissions to us can be found here. Our usual policy on copyright applies (please see our FAQ page for details).

Please note: while we welcome all submissions we cannot guarantee to include them. This may not be any reflection on the quality of your submission, but merely that it is unsuitable in style or that it is too similar to other submissions. If we like what you send and do not manage to include it this year, we'll hold on to it and try to include it in a future Seasonal Selection Box. Please indicate if you do not want us to do that in your case.

The podcast will be released in early December. The deadline for submissions is November 25th. Please ensure you own the copyright to any recordings you send to us, or have the copyright holder's permission.