Thanks for checking out this page. FolkCast is an independent podcast - it gets no support, financial or otherwise, from any broadcaster or media. We do it because it needs to be done, and because we want to do it!

However, we need help to keep doing it - YOUR help. Here's how you can help FolkCast.

1: Give music. If you are a musician and make music that can be comfortably classified as being "folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter or roots-based" then we want to hear from you, and to hear your music. Don't wait for us to find you, or for your agent/manager/label/best mate to send it to us. If we like what we hear we'll get it on to a future edition of the show, but for that we need you to agree to us including it in the podcast. And no, sorry, we can't pay you to plug your music to an audience of thousands around the world. See our guide to sending your music to us.

2: Give ideas. We have great contributions from people who are not musicians. For example, Babba looks at the Stories Behind The Songs, and Dave Alton writes and recites poems based on folklore tales from Britain and around the world. Could you do something like this? If you have an idea for a folk-related feature, get in touch! We need your input, preferably as recorded speech but not necessarily. Most people with a computer already have the ability to record themselves, and if you don't, or don't want to, then we might be able to help get your idea out to the world in another way. Get in touch via email to discuss your ideas.

3: Give money. Running FolkCast costs us time and money. We give the time gladly, but would like help from listeners to cover the costs of running a website and the admin for the show. If you are a regular listener to FolkCast, think about how valuable the show is to you and then click here.

4: Become a sponsor. Want to be a partner of FolkCast? Sponsoring the show will help us and help you! Again, drop us an email and we'll discuss what we can do, and what the rates are.

Phil & Ken

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