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029 - May 2008 Listen

Italy's Plunkett start us off and we've music from Spain and Austria, Scotland and Ireland, Canada and England courtesy of Stormy Mondays, Twelve Thousand Days, Temple Music, Kiss The Mistress, Trouble At'Mill, Zoox, The Albion Band, The Battlefield Band, Kila, Tanglefoot, Jahrtal, Phillip Hartley, Scullion John and SixPeopleAway. And we head to Australia with Babba, who concludes his two-part special on Transportation - the grim punishment that led to the writing of many a folk song, including this month's Story Behind The Song number, The Black Velvet Band.

028 - April 2008
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Music from: Bruce Shimabukuru - Yve And Devora - Jackie Oates - Ceca - Nick Cook - Phil James - David Wilcox - Nelsons Wake - Chumbawamba - Rob St John - KC Mackenzie - Ralf Weihrauch - Damh The Bard. Babba reveals the tale of crime and punishment that created "Van Diemen's Land" in The Story Behind The Song.
027 - March 2008
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Music from John Parkes - Tom Palmer - Enter The Haggis - Mark Ellis - Matt Stephens - Singladies - Ken Nicol - Steeleye Span - Paul Howard - Ray Bradfield - The Kittiwakes - The Left Outsides. Babba reveals the twisted royal bloodline behind Sir Patrick Spens in The Story Behind The Song.
026 - February 2008
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Music from The Levellers - 3 Daft Monkeys - Ian McKone - Brian Mazzaferri - Alan Prosser - Magicfolk - Malthouse Passage - Marianne Segal featuring Circulus - Pig's Ear - Neal Hellman and Friends - Cruel Folk - Nick Cook - Gary Stewart Band - Starless & Bible Black. We sail down to Old Maui with Babba in The Story Behind The Song.
025 - January 2008
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New music from Kerfuffle - Nuada - Paul Liddell - Mieka Pauley - Phonix - The Mountain Firework Company - The Gala Band - Robin Allender - Andy McKee - James Dewdney - Abra Moore - Caroline Lavelle - Alistair Christl - The Duncan McFarlane Band. Babba tells the story behind Parcel Of Rogues, and there is a chance to win CDs from Dreamboat Records.
FolkCast Festive Selection Box 2007

Sorry - unavailable until Xmas.

No talk, just music. A journey through mid-Winter into Yule, Christmas and New Year, ending with a look to the far distant summer.

This podcast will be re-released for Christmas 2008.

Mother Of All Morris
with Ashley Hutchings
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We talk to Ashley Hutchings about the release of the latest - and last - of the Morris On albums, The Mother Of All Morris. And there's lots of music from the album, too.
024 - December 2007
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An end of year review with new songs from some of our favourite artists featured on FolkCast since January - Charlotte Kendrick, Debbie Cassell, Rev Hammer, Lau, Naughty Jack, Jon London, Oysterband, Dahm The Bard, Leatherat, Silver Dogs, Steve Knightley, Nick Cook and Sarah McQuaid. Plus, there's a festive special song from Babba, and we end with music from The Morris On Band.
023 - November 2007
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Music from Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer, Vequinox, Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll, The Gala Band, Eoghan Coglan, Abbie Lathe, Chris Millington, Andy Whittle, Luka Bloom, Martyn Joseph, The Owl Service, The Imagined Village, Dyonisis.
Babba examines Green Grow The Rushes, O.
Interview Special with
Abbie Lathe
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Interview with singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singing teacher Abbie Lathe, featuring songs from her latest album, Low Summer.
022 - October 2007
Interview with Ernesto de Pascale
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We talk to Italian musician Ernesto de Pascale about his new album, Morning Manic Music, and hear songs from the record. Babba reveals the astonishing story of John Churchill, better known as Lord Marlborough, in The Story Behind The Song, and there's music from Kate Bramley - Jez Lowe - Songs From The Blue House - Marina Florence - Paolo Giorgi - Mike Hanrahan - 3 Daft Monkeys.

021 - September 2007
Interview with Chopper from Oysterband
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We talk to Chopper from Oysterband and play music from their latest studio album, Meet You There. Babba raises a glass of ale to John Barleycorn in The Story Behind The Song, and there's music from Nick Cook - Legendary Ten Seconds - Jon Croose - Charlotte Kendrick - The Stanley Brothers - Martin Ansell - Round Mountain -The Clap - Leatherat.
020 - August 2007
Mark Coyle of Woven Wheat Whispers interview
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We talk to Mark Coyle of Woven Wheat Whispers about the new compilation of "Dark British Folk": John Barleycorn Reborn. Babba goes to sea to tell The Story Behind... The Mary Stanford Of Rye. Music from: Faith, Folk & Anarchy - Jenna - John Statz - The Owl Service - Sharron Kraus - Tinkerscuss - Drohn - The Story - Phil Hare - Sarah McQuaid - Meet On The Ledge.

FolkCast Interview Special - Maddy Prior - July 2007
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The full version of our exclusive interview with folk goddess Maddy Prior. No music.
019 - July 2007
including Maddy Prior interview excerpt
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We talk exclusively with Maddy Prior about her career and the new Spanfest event at the end of this month. Babba goes back down the pit to report on the tragic history of The Blantyre Explosion, Phil opens his Folk Files to reveal what's new in the shops, on the stage, and online, and there's our usual selection of handpicked music, which this month comes from: Lau - Navan - The Men They Couldn't Hang - Swill And The Swaggerband - Benita Johnson - Exelby - Maddy Prior and Steeleye Span - Jon Redfern - Heavy Mellow - Peatbog Faeries - 1549 - Naughty Jack.
018 - June 2007
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Babba digs up the history of the Blackleg Miner in The Story Behind The Song, there's details of next month's Spanfest and Phil opens the Folk Files to see what's coming soon in the record stores. Music from - Kris Drever - Steve Knightley - Seth Glier - The School Of Trobar - Wizz Jones - Maddy Prior & Simon Friend - Daniel Patrick Quinn - John MacRae - Maria Daines - Derek Clegg - Sand Snowman - Steve Tilston - Gordon Scott - Dahm The Bard.
017 - May 2007
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Phil and Ken welcome the summer with a musical journey through the seasons, Babba discovers the history of Trelawny in The Story Behind The Song, and there is Feedback from listeners from around the world. Music from - Puzzlejug - Fairport Convention - Paul Castle - JD and The Longfellows - Causeway - Blackwaterfoot - Robert Bray - Dark Captain Light Captain - Andy Clarke - The Horses Of The Gods - Matthew Boyle - Black Rat - Jon London.
016 - April 2007
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Solid entertainment with music from Leatherat - Bleeding Hearts - Silver Dogs - David Kilpatrick - Andy McKee - Debbie Cassell - Wistman's Wood - Megson - Ceili Moss - Luigi Cappel - Carolyn Anona Scott - Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts - Feast Of Fiddles - Show Of Hands. Babba examines The Banks Of Claudy to find The Story Behind The Song, and Phil highlights some of the many folk festivals happening around the UK this year.

015 - March 2007 - Part 1

015 - March 2007 - Part 2

Part 0ne
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Part Two
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In a bumper edition of FolkCast we bring you top quality new music from the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots, Ken takes us into his Guitar Workshop to show us how to do finger exercises to improve playing technique, and Babba delves into the bawdy history behind the folk song Cam Ye O'er Frae France. In fact, the show is so full of great things we have split it into two parts, so make sure you get both downloads.
014 - Ashley Hutchings Interview part 2 - Feb 2007
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Part two of the Ashley Hutchings interview. Music from Iona - Kira - Nick Cook - Patrick Briscoe - The Wyrd Sisters - The Rainbow Chasers - The Albion Band - The Morris On Band - Plunkett - The Goodbye Plot. Babba's Story Behind The Song uncovers the amazing history of Lord Franklin.
013 - Ashley Hutchings Interview part 1 - Jan 2007
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Part one of our interview with Ashley Hutchings. Music from Dust Rhinos - Scotland Barr And The Slow Drags - Peter London - The Owl Service - Pete Barrett - The Wailin' Jennys - Railroad Earth - Don Ross - Daughters Of Elvin - Pipe Major Roderick Deans - Commander Kean - Amy Martin - The Albion Band. Plus the final instalment of Babba's FolkNotes Calendar.
012 - Festive FolkCast - December 2006
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This month we present songs and tunes by: Never Mind The Bocs - Winter Flowers - David Stevenson and Nigel Hobbins, and all our regular features... Babba's FolkNotes Calendar examines the folk traditions of December and the midwinter festivals, and in Ken's Guitar Workshop we discover the one thing that has revolutionised Chris Whiles playing. Then, to brighten any year end celebration, we present the Festive FolkCast - no talk from us, just great music from Puzzlejug - The Hipcola - Dan Edwards - 3 Blind Mice - Pete Dodds - Clive Gregson - Steve Tilston and Maggie Boyle - The Christmas Jug Band - Gary - gidgets ga ga - The Albion Band ... and something saucy and spicy from Big Al Whittle
(Warning - contains rude words! Adult listening only!)
011 - Bob Fox Interview - November 2006
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Interview with Bob Fox. Songs and tunes from David Gunn - Sarah Aubrey - Linda Coogan - Bob Fox - Jordan Ogg - John Meed - Ian Cutler - Mark Clinton - Never Mind The Bocs - Minnie Moosika. Plus a FolkCast exclusive first play from Steeleye Span's new album!
Babba's FolkNotes Calendar examines the folk traditions for the month of November and in Ken's Guitar Workshop we learn a little of the mysteries of different tunings.

010 - Chris While Interview - October 2006
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Interview with Chris While. Ken talks to luthier Roger Bucknall about setting up a guitar for easiest playing. Win a copy of Ralph McTell's new album. Babba's FolkNotes Calendar for Halloween. Music from Chris While & Julie Matthews - Black Rat - Pavlov's Cat - Ralph McTell - Graham Bellinger - Caroline Lavelle - Piefinger - Shira Kammen and Andy Smyth.
009 - September 2006
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Songs and tunes from Mary Jane - Last Fair Deal - Chris Millington - The Runaway Days - Show Of Hands - The Undercover Hippy - Ian Knapp - Trebuchet - Heavy Mellow - Serious Kitchen - The Demon Barbers - Makar. Plus Babba's FolkNotes Calendar, Ken's Guitar Bit and listener feedback. Also features the most dangeroustest song in the world!
008 - August 2006
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Songs and tunes from: The Legendary Ten Seconds - Robin Tymm - Bill Furner - Veda Park - Adam Boucher - Kirsty McGee - Amanda Sykes - Reg Meuross - Serious Kitchen - Heavy Mellow - Daniel Patrick Quinn - Steeleye Span - Ian Cutler - wRants - Caroline Lavelle - Chris & Siobhan Nelson - Bob Kirkpatrick - Peter Rooney - Cunnan
Plus Babba's FolkNotes Calendar and listener feedback
007 - July 2006
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This month there is a chance to win one of three, free downloads of the album Enter The Woods by folk-rock bards Minstrel Spirit. Find out what happens when resident folklore guru Babba puts up the glove to get into the summer fair spirit, give us your opinion on our finger in ear logo via our feedback section ... and as ever we bring you loads of first rate music.
006 - PJ Wright Interview
June 2006
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We talk to Little Johnny England frontman PJ Wright as he prepares to go on tour with Fairport Convention bassman Dave Pegg. Music from The Ronnie Wibbley Orchestra, Nigel Hobbins, Ian Hill, The Dust Poets, Boffius, John Meed, Jamelopoeia, and Aff The Cuff. Babba's Folk Notes Diary.

005 - Show Of Hands Int.
May 2006
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Show Of Hands talk about their stunning new album, Witness. There's also music from Philip G. Martin, Pumajaw, The Flying Chaucers, Dulaman, Joe O'Connor, Thomas Bailey, Charlotte Grieg and Julian Hayman, and Derek Brimstone, plus Babba's bumper Folk Notes Calendar for the merry, merry month of May.

004 - Ralph McTell Interview
April 2006

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Ralph McTell in interview. There's also music from Songs From The Blue House, The Dust Poets, Jim Fidler, Daniel Patrick Quinn, Silverheel, Spokers Loan, Paul Forrest, Adam Boucher and Stowefolk, plus Babba's Folk Notes Calendar for April. Please note: this is an edited version of the original show, with Ralph McTell's music removed, at his request. As a result, timings given in the shownotes after the interview are not accurate.

003 - Steve Ashley Interview
March 2006
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Steve Ashley in interview. Ian Anderson in interview. March's Folk Notes Calendar from Babba. Music from Joe O'Connor, the Mountain Firework Company, The Morris On Band, Dik Cadbury, Silverwheel and Audio Circus.
002 - Fairport Convention Interview
February 2006
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Simon Nicol in interview. February's Folk Notes Calendar from Babba.
Music from Penda's Fen, Tracy Jane Comer, Dave Gibb, The Hosepipe Band, Eleanor's Visceral Tomb, Dorian, Fairport Convention, Emme Packer, Dropkick and Steve Robinson.
001 - Ken Nicol Interview
January 2006
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Ken Nicol in interview, playing solo and with Chris While, Ashley Hutchings, Pete Marsh and Steeleye Span.
Music from Big Al Whittle, 3 Blind Mice, Silverwheel, Jim Fidler and Skip.