FolkCast: How Do I Listen?

Just what is a Podcast?
Think of it as a radio show for the Internet, but "on air" whenever the listener wants to tune in. If you have used the BBC's "Listen Again" facility, a Podcast is similar to that, but with the added advantage that it can be easily downloaded in MP3 format for transfer to an iPod or other MP3 player, or for burning to CD.

You can even take out a free subscription to the show, using free software, and have the latest editions automatically delivered to your computer as soon as they are available.

There are thousands of podcasts out there on just about every subject. Learn more about podcasting here. And if you can't find the podcast that covers what you want to hear, you could always become a podcaster, and make it yourself!

How Do I Listen To FolkCast?
You don't need any special kit to listen to FolkCast online, other than a set of speakers or headphones connected to your computer. If you can hear other sounds from your computer, you can hear FolkCast!

However, FolkCast is a large sound file, so while a broadband connection isn't absolutely necessary, it's definitely recommended. If you are on a dial up connection, you can still listen but it'll take a long time to get the file.

LISTEN 'LIVE': Got speakers? Got broadband? Just go to the Archive and click the "Listen" link to hear your chosen edition.

You can also save these files to your computer for later listening, to transfer them to an MP3 player, or burn to an audio or MP3 CD. Right click on the "Listen" button, and select "Save Link As..." to download.

What makes podcasting different to streamed media is that you can download the show and listen when and where YOU want to. We strongly recommend that you use this method to listen to FolkCast.

To download the latest show and automatically receive future editions you need to have an RSS Podcast Client (often called a "podcatcher"). We recommend Juice Download Juice, the cross-platform podcast receiver a free client that works with the latest versions of Windows and Mac OSX. Other podcatchers are available. Click here to see the latest list for all operating systems. And click here for an instructional video of how to install the software once you have it.

Once you have your RSS Podcast Client, subscribe via our RSS feed here (if clicking that link does not activate your podcatcher, you may have to manually copy and paste the URL into the podcatcher. The URL is: )

Alternatively, if you use iTunes, you can subscribe to FolkCast via the iTunes Music Store. Subscription is free. Once you have iTunes simply click here to be taken to the subscription page. Alternatively, go to the iTunes store, click "Podcasts" and search for "FolkCast".

Subscribing via iTunes or other podcatcher is the best way to stay up to date with FolkCast for minimum effort - subscribe once and as long as you run your podcatcher once in a while, the latest FolkCast show will automatically come to you!

Happy Listening!