FolkCast - Frequently Asked Questions
What is FolkCast? FolkCast is a podcast. See our guide to listening to FolkCast for more details.
How often do you produce shows? We release shows almost every month - and sometimes several shows in a month. Other shows, such as the FolkCast Blast and seasonal specials are released as and when we feel like it. The easiest way to ensure you get the show as it is released is to subscribe. It's free!
How can I listen and subscribe to FolkCast? All the details you need are right here.
Who runs FolkCast? FolkCast is the product of friends Ken Nicol and Phil Widdows. Click here for more details.
How can I find out more about a certain piece of music you played? Check our ShowNotes page, for full details of all the artists and music we feature. Use the search facility in your internet browser to find the artist/s you are interested in.
Why do you do it?

The idea for FolkCast came about because we went looking for a podcast just like it, and there wasn't one. Between us we have the contacts and skills to make it work.

Folk music of all kinds is badly served in the UK media, and virtually ignored in many parts of the world. The BBC's coverage isn't as good as it should be, and it has been cutting folk shows from local radio. Even those that survive are hard to listen to - if you miss the broadcast they've gone, and sitting in front of a computer listening to folk music on the streaming "listen again" option is not our idea of fun. With podcasting, once you have subscribed the music comes to you. You can then do with it what you will - burn it to a CD, put it on an iPod, listen to some now and more later, share it with a friend. Whatever. It's yours to keep.

Where are you based?

We podcast from studios in Preston, Lancashire, in the United Kingdom. Map.

Can I send feedback about FolkCast or an item on a show?

Please do! Click here to send an email. You could record your feedback as an MP3 and send it as an attachment to our email address.
NB: We reserve the right to read out or play feedback on future shows, unless you specify that it is not for inclusion in the show.

What kind of music do you play? Folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots-based music. That covers a lot of bases, but we are looking for music that is either based on or influenced by traditional folk music, or is traditional music itself. We also play music written and performed by individuals who are not part of the mainstream music industry. We also like quirky "wyrd folk".
Why are the shows less that 80 minutes long? So that you can burn them on to a CD as an audio file, and play that CD where you want: at home, in the car, down the pub, up the junction, in the folk club, over a festival PA...
Where do you get your music? From the bands themselves, or their agents. We have strong connections in the folk world, so we can play some more established artists too.
Just who is Babba? Babba's our resident expert on folk traditions and history, and he presents the regular Story Behind The Song feature. But he's a bit of a mysterious character. This may be a photograph of him. Then again, it may not...
How can I get my music to you to play on FolkCast? We'd be delighted to listen to your music, either on CD or as MP3 files. Click here for details of how to get in touch. Similarly, if you are an artist or otherwise involved in the broad folk scene, and would like to feature in an interview about you or your project, get in touch.
What's the deal with copyright on the music you play?

FolkCast is licenced by the Performing Rights Society  - so if you're an artist who is signed up to the PRS, you are covered.

FolkCast does not support illegal downloads, filesharing or piracy. Our aim is to let people hear the music and easily source legitimate copies of that music.

If you believe you own the copyright to an item featured on FolkCast, and that it has been used without permission, please contact us via email.

What am I allowed to do with FolkCast once I download it? Please see out Terms Of Use
Can I place an advertisement on FolkCast or sponsor the show? We would be delighted to discuss advertisements or sponsorship. Please get in touch via email.
My question isn't answered here... Contact us directly by email.
FAQ last updated : March 2013